परदेशगम Essay in English | PARDESHGAMAN ESSAY IN MARATHI

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परदेशगम Essay in English | PARDESHGAMAN ESSAY IN MARATHI

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परदेशगम Essay in English | PARDESHGAMAN ESSAY IN MARATHI


परदेशगम Essay in English | PARDESHGAMAN ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, we are going abroad today We will look at Marathi essays. Before the Second World War, Indians were attracted to England and it was admirable for them to invade England. After World War II, the whole world changed.

America became a superpower and England Fell down from his first place. Indians already had a desire to go abroad. It rose after World War II. Indians started going to the Gulf countries for money and to the US for degrees.

Today, once again, the situation has changed. The attraction of the Gulf countries has diminished and Indians are flocking to America. Another difference is being felt lately. I used to take a higher degree and return to India. The main purpose here was to earn a lot of money on the degree obtained there.

England Returned to these words There was special meaning, there was special respect. Today, the word Returned has fallen off and people are starting to think about going to America and settling there. So instead of England Returned, the word NRI (Non Resident of India) has occupied our lives.

Going abroad like this is our nation’s Is it visually beneficial? Of course. We must go abroad, take knowledge from there and broaden our intellectual horizons. The field of knowledge should be expanded as wide as the sky. But that knowledge must be used by our nation.

With new ideas you progress, prosperity Sadhavi. But in that knowledge, the emphasis should be on information, on the strength of our intelligence, to empower the nation so much that European countries should come to India for degrees in knowledge. A Nalanda, Takshashila should be established again. Make India the whitewash of the world.

You have to go abroad We should be sad about this and proud of the fact that citizens of other countries are coming to us for education. It is a common complaint that we do not have the facilities required for higher education.

This is a shame for the government. This means that after independence, education and educational institutions were not given as much importance as they should have been. They didn’t care as much as they should have. If we pay as much attention as we should, the flow of Indians abroad will stop, otherwise not.

Everything is in the interest of the nation If this is done by political leaders and parties for the sake of progress and well-being of the people, then this land will once again become a land of gold. ‘Bow to the head’ and ‘work to the hands’ should be our breath.

Use what we have learned The society should be for the nation first, then for itself. Remember Veer Savarkar’s lines. Selfless socializing and When a patriotic citizen is ready, going abroad will be a matter of concern No. Today it has become a matter of concern. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks