Agar na nabh mein badal hote essay Agar Na nabh me badal hote essay in Hindi

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Agar na nabh mein badal hote essay Agar Na nabh me badal hote essay in Hindi

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Agar na nabh mein badal hote essay Agar Na nabh me badal hote essay in Hindi


Agar na nabh mein badal hote essay Agar Na nabh me badal hote essay in Hindi

Hello friends, today we If not, there would be clouds in the sky
You will know essays on this subject. India is an agricultural country. About seventy two percent of the population lives in villages. His main occupation is agriculture. The agriculture of this country is totally dependent on rainfall. Every year, in the rainy season, clouds come in the sky and quench the thirst of the earth with cool stream. So it is very frightening to imagine that if there were no clouds in the sky, then what would happen?

If there were no clouds in the sky, the arrival of the rain queen would have stopped. We had to endure the intense rays of the sun for eight months of the year. Small trees, tender plants, evergreen vines and velvety grasses wither. The water level of the wells would go down a lot, the ponds would dry up, farming would not be possible and while waiting for rain, deep cracks would fall in the chest of the earth.

Irrigation system has certainly developed in our country, but the means of irrigation also prove to be effective only when it rains. If there were no clouds in the sky, where would the rain come from? Poor farmers would plow the fields and wait for the arrival of rains.

In the absence of rain they could not sow seeds. The water level in wells and ponds would go down a lot. Irrigation would be very difficult due to lack of water. The small rivers would have dried up completely and even the big rivers would have run out of water.

If the water level of reservoirs fell, there would be a crisis of drinking water. All the farming work would be stopped and all the people would be disturbed by the fear of famine.

If the black clouds of the clouds did not fall in the sky, then the production of food grains would have stopped due to lack of rain. Prices of agricultural products would skyrocket and inflation would take a monstrous form. In rural areas it used to be of hoarders and usurers. Small and medium class farmers would start selling their livestock and farm shells and would go under the burden of debt.

Inflation would have peaked in the cities and a period of strikes and riots would have started. The problem of drinking water would take a serious form. The government would be unable to supply water to the people and people would start fleeing from cities and metropolises.

If there were no clouds in the sky, then due to lack of rain, the water level of reservoirs of big dams would go down very low and the production of hydropower would be greatly reduced. Power supply to industries would start decreasing and industrial production would decline. After some time, industries would start closing down and a terrible shadow of unemployment would start hovering over the heads of the workers.

A large part of the government’s revenue would be spent on importing food grains and carrying out relief work for the famine stricken people and nothing would be left for creative works. The whole economy would have disintegrated and we would have had to reach out to other countries to deal with the famine crisis. What a scary fantasy this is!

If there were no clouds in the sky, the faint-serious sound of clouds would not be heard. There would be no lightning in the sky. I could not see the rainbow.

Poets could not find inspiration for composing poetry. The chirping of birds could not be heard. The ‘springs’ of waterfalls would stop. The murmur of the rivers would vanish. Sawan’s swings would disappear. The taunts of Kajal and Malhar would be silenced.

All these fears would come true when there were no clouds in the sky. But we are sure that every year the clouds will be in the sky, the rain queen will be happy and will continue to rain on the land of India. It will keep it green and fill us with joy. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.