Akhand Bharat Ek Aavahan Essay in English speech on india in english

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Akhand Bharat Ek Aavahan Essay in English speech on india in english

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Akhand Bharat Ek Aavahan Essay in English speech on india in english


Akhand Bharat Ek Aavahan Essay in English speech on india in english

Hello friends Today we have an appealing Marathi essay for a united India Let’s see. India was ruled by the British for one and a half hundred years. Many heroes sacrificed their lives to drive them away. The country became independent in 1947.

Mother India breathed a sigh of relief. Today, because of these martyrs, we are all born in an independent country. It is the job of our youth to establish self-government. India has a large area. In our country extending from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, people of all sects and religions live.

India is characterized by diversity. Language, customs, festivals, celebrations, dress, eating and drinking etc. Although different, we are all brothers, this feeling is very important! We are all bound by a single cultural thread to maintain our unity. When a crisis befalls a country, it forgets all discrimination and becomes one.

My country is the only feeling in everyone’s mind Is. Today there is unrest in Kashmir. The Pakistanis are ready to take Kashmir. In the battle of Kargil, all India united and responded. From time to time religious riots break out, chaos is waged in the name of religion, and places of worship continue to be desecrated.

‘Religion does not teach hatred of one another’ But still wars of religion continue. At such times, people of both religions need to unite, forgetting their differences and quarrels. Without it, how can India’s integrity be maintained? After independence, India and Pakistan became separated.

In fact, Sane Guruji had a dream, ‘Balsagar Let there be India. ‘ Even the patriots had dreamed of a united India. So now our challenge is to keep this country intact. This challenge must be accepted by all. That is the duty of every youth.

Even today linguistics, provincialism, borderism, Water is a constant source of trouble. Such disputes are a hindrance to national unity. All these disputes need to be resolved amicably. Tendencies like internal rebellion, separatism, feudalism, etc. are dangerous. If we continue to quarrel with each other, then the foreigners’ faves.

There is a risk of their attack. ChinaWhen Pakistan invaded India, the whole of India, forgetting all discrimination, stood united and repulsed the foreign aggression. But instead of just coming together in times of crisis, we should always act as ‘Hum Sab Ek Hain’.

Like we have quarrels within the four walls of the house Puts, that’s when the house. Integrity remains intact, as well as in the case of the nation. ‘Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians live together as brothers.’ This feeling is created in people of every religion, if ‘I am Indian’. This one thought will be useful for the integrity of India.Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks