Amol Jeevanmulye Marathi Essay | AMOL JIVANMOOLYA ESSAY MARATHI

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Amol Jeevanmulye Marathi Essay | AMOL JIVANMOOLYA ESSAY MARATHI

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Amol Jeevanmulye Marathi Essay | AMOL JIVANMOOLYA ESSAY MARATHI


Amol Jeevanmulye Marathi Essay | AMOL JIVANMOOLYA ESSAY MARATHI

Hello friends, today you have precious life values We will look at Marathi essays. Value means ‘credit’ or ‘interest’. What the value should be has to do with the idea of ​​value. The word refers to personal life, social life, idealistic ideas.

If you want to define the term value The thing to aspire to or pursue is value ‘or’ the things in a person’s personality that have value in society, the value of the guiding principles that are useful for ‘value’ adjustment.

In short, in human life Creation of good, beautiful, ideal. The values ​​that can be inculcated in the minds of children at a receptive age through home and school are values.

‘Ahimsa Satyamasteya Shauchamindriyanigraha’.

दानम् दामो दया क्षन्तिः सर्वेषं धर्मसाधनम्

Yajnavalkya Muni has non-violence, truth, non-violence, It has been said that inner and outer purity, abstinence from charity, charity, non-contemplation of forbidden things, kindness and peace are all instruments of Dharma. These are invaluable values ​​of life. Gandhiji had embraced the values ​​of truth and non-violence.

That is why it is freedom through non-violence Saying to get it, violence is cruelty, bestiality! Man has a good conscience. He said that human beings should use it and behave like human beings. Long ago, Gautama Buddha explained the importance of non-violence.

Non-violence means civility, peace, True. It’s a brilliant value. Always speak the truth, such rites are performed from childhood. Asteya means theft. Stealing is a sin. Not to do so, this value. To steal is to fall prey to temptation; To be greedy

To know oneself in life, Communicating with yourself is very important. To do so is to be introverted. Man becomes introverted, that his testimony is awakened. He can think of good and bad. Man’s senses are extroverted. They have to be controlled. So man must be holy on the inside out.

Abstinence means control over the body; Control of the mind. Donation attitude is required. In this concept, society has a share in what we get, we should be able to give grass to grass. To do so is to do so Repaying social debts, things that are forbidden, Not bringing that to mind, removing bad thoughts from the mind and thinking only good things etc. Things come. It is necessary to be a good person.

“Virtue is not a great sacrifice.” Equally important are the values ​​of life, kindness and peace. There should be compassion for animals, animals, the disabled, the weak. Have mercy on animals’, this is inculcated in children at a receptive age. Peace should be our behavior, which will bring peace of mind.

Peace of mind is very important in life Is. If it is, then there is no torture for small and big things, strife is avoided and an atmosphere of harmony is maintained. It is also used for peace of society. These are invaluable values ​​for a life full of good character! Accept it and be happy in life.

‘Sukhin sarvatra: santu, sarve santu niramayah.

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