Autobiography of a dowry victim woman ek dahej pidit nari ki atamkatha english niban

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Autobiography of a dowry victim woman ek dahej pidit nari ki atamkatha english niban

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This article contains a detailed essay on “

Autobiography of a dowry victim woman ek dahej pidit nari ki atamkatha english niban


Autobiography of a dowry victim woman ek dahej pidit nari ki atamkatha english niban

Hello friends, today we Autobiography of a Dowry Suffering Woman
You will know essays on this subject. I have been watching for many days that when I come to teach these children, you start looking at me curiously. Maybe you think that she looks like a girl from a good house, then why does she come to someone’s house and teach children? I think, let me tell you my painful Rama story, so that your curiosity can calm down.

I was born in a small village in Rohtas district of Bihar state. My father was a teacher in an elementary school. The mother was a simple woman with religious views. I was born after three sons. So I got a lot of pampering from my parents.

My brothers also gave their lives for me. There was no shortage of food and drink in the house. My childhood was spent happily in the natural environment of the village.

When I grew up, my father started sending me to the village school. I was smart in reading and writing and all the teachers were happy with me. My father was a simple teacher, but his ideas were very generous. He helped my Mishra in every way and I passed the high school exam with good marks. I had to go to a city for further education.

My uncle was a professor in a college in Patna. Dad wanted me to stay at his house and do further studies. But Mataji did not like it. As a result, my education stopped there.

Now the problem of my marriage came before my father. In search of my worthy groom, my father united the heavens and the earth. Seeing their trouble, I used to curse myself, but I couldn’t say anything. After all, they found a worthy groom for me. Mr. B.A. Passed and worked in the sales tax office of Varanasi. His father was a prosperous farmer from a nearby village. There was no shortage of any kind in the house.

One day a procession came to the door of my house and I got married with pomp. My father was an ordinary teacher, yet he gave a lot in dowry. It was heard that he had also given a lot of cash to my brother-in-law,

But I don’t know exactly about it. I can’t express in words the pain I felt while leaving my home and going to my in-laws.

Well, I came to the in-laws and started trying to keep everyone happy with my hard work and behavior. But Vidhata had something else in mind. Soon my mother-in-law, Nanda and Patidev themselves started harassing me in various ways. There was a shower of tantrums,

Sometimes there were beatings. One day, Sasji even scratched my body with hot tongs. The reason was the same – they wanted me to increase their reputation by bringing color televisions and motorcycles from my mother. I told my father all the things in a hushed voice. But he was retired and living on a pension. They just kept giving assurances, could not help in any way. I also remained silent realizing their compulsion.

One night, when everyone was eating and drinking and getting ready for bed, I heard some whispers in a nearby room. I listened intently, then trembled. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were pressuring my husband to burn me with kerosene. She wanted to get me out of the way forever, so that her son could have a second marriage and get the dowry he wanted.

Just before dawn that night, I escaped from that abyss and stumbled upon the city. Here, with the grace of generous people like you, I have got the job of teaching children in a few houses. I intend to spend the rest of my life with these tuitions. Yes, I keep praying to God not to give birth to me as an Indian woman again. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.