Autobiography of a museum | museum autobiography essay in english

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Autobiography of a museum | museum autobiography essay in english

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Autobiography of a museum | museum autobiography essay in english


Autobiography of a museum | museum autobiography essay in english

Hello friends, today we have an autobiography of a museum We will look at Marathi essays. Children! You came to visit me yesterday. You have gone through all my heart; But just turned around. Very few children showed curiosity. Some children were just chatting;

Were pushing each other. In fact, a lot to me Felt bad Oh, the museum is better than the market! These objects are not only inanimate; So history is hidden in everything. The purpose of this museum is to impart knowledge; That too from an interesting experience! Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

Now look, I have a lot of dals. In each of these galleries, different types of objects are presented in an attractive manner. No waste was picked up. From what the previous method was, what kind of object was used for what,

What metals for their formation Are used, what kind of craftsmanship is done on it. How are its different shapes. The museum is designed to study how diverse it is, how it has changed over time, what is the difference between today’s objects and the objects of the past.

My creation requires a collection of lights. You have to bend over for it. It takes a lot of hard work. Its information has to be collected by studying it. In order to get that information to the people, it has to be written in a concise but attractive way. Its great panels have to be made.

My creation is a kind There is only penance. This is not the work of a child. This task of preserving culture is not as easy as it seems.

Now I give you my every Introducing the gallery. After that, you would visit me again with a new vision. Is that a confession? Don’t forget to bring a notebook and pen with you while traveling. It was important to note the important things.

Then look, you know me Will know. Moreover, your knowledge will add to your happiness. Are you ready Listen carefully. My first section is the sculpture section. This section contains idols of various deities carved in stone. It contains the remaining idols of Vishnu and the meditating Lord Buddha.

If carved in this stone, Yet they feel alive. The half-closed eyes of the Buddha, the calm expression on his face, the hand for blessing, are all enchanting. Look at the craftsmanship in it. How many details the sculptor has picked up! Look at this idol of Lord Shiva dancing Tandava. Awesome idol! Who will be the sculptor?

Which stone was used for this? Is it Not as simple as the sculptor thinks. Sculpting is the process of removing unnecessary parts of the stone with a chisel-hammer with great concentration and skill.

Let’s go to the second section. Take a look Are you surprised These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. All these things are weapons of war. See how the weapons of war have changed over time. Arrows, shields, swords, cannons, guns. Wearing the armor of the warriors of that time, see how it is. Beyond are helmets, armor.

Looking at these weapons How man evolved, what was the strategy of that time, will surely be understood and the mighty kings will surely come before the eyes.

Now we go to the third room. There are different types of pots made from different metals. See how different the sizes of the pots are! Look at the neighbors, you will see different animals. The dead bodies of the animals are filled with husks and kept in such a way that they look alive.

From a very small birdSee how artistically all the animals, from tigers to lions, are kept. There are some maps around. From these maps one can see the brilliant progress of India. But for that you need curiosity. How beautiful is the Indian costume! Indian ornaments can also be seen in the same gallery. It’s fun to see jewelry made from different metals.

Besides old coins, painting! Look no further than the section describing it. The eyes will definitely be happy and your knowledge will also increase. Friends, remember me when you ever see me again. Look, dear, meditate, MNS! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks