Autobiography of a Terrorist Woman Hindi Essay | Ek atankpidit mahila ki atamkatha english essay

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Autobiography of a Terrorist Woman Hindi Essay | Ek atankpidit mahila ki atamkatha english essay

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Autobiography of a Terrorist Woman Hindi Essay | Ek atankpidit mahila ki atamkatha english essay


Autobiography of a Terrorist Woman Hindi Essay | Ek atankpidit mahila ki atamkatha english essay

Hello friends, today we are one Autobiography Hindi essay of terror victim
You will know essays on this subject. Today, the whole world is trembling with the activities of terrorists. He has also chewed the most powerful country in the world, America. Our country, India has been battling terrorist activities for many years. I am a woman victim of the persecution of those terrorists. Want to hear my painful story? So listen –

I was born in the city of Darjeeling in West Bengal. My father is a reputed fruit trader there. Mother is also a well-educated woman with religious views. My childhood was spent happily in the delightful natural environment of Darjeeling.

When I was growing up, my father enrolled me in a convent school in Darjeeling. Education was given through English medium there. From that school I passed the high school exam with special qualifications. After this I got my B.A. from a local college. A. Passed the exam.

At this point a turning point came in my life. Afghan merchants often came to my father’s shop to sell nuts. Among these merchants was also a young man. I don’t know if I was attracted by the blue eyes of that Afghan young man or by his strong stature of tall stature, I decided to make him my life partner.

When my parents found out about my decision, there was an earthquake in the house. Dad loudly opposed my intention and my mother even threatened to eat poison. But in the end everyone had to bow before my determination and I got married to that Afghan young man.

A few days after the wedding, my husband took me back to his country. My husband Yusuf was a young man of the Jai tribe. The women of his family did not say anything after seeing me, but the male community became very angry. But my husband didn’t care. A few days later they left me there and moved to Darjeeling for their business.

After this, mountains of disasters fell on me. The male community was angry with me, the women also started harassing me. The barrage of satire was trivial,

For a few days I was kept hungry. Once there was even a beating. Meanwhile, a Taliban government was formed in Afghanistan.

Not knowing they found out about me. One day some Taliban youths came to my village and threatened me. They intimidated my family and drove me out of the house and almost dragged me to an unknown place. There they locked me in a cell and deployed a Taliban soldier on guard.

I got very upset. Suddenly I remembered that every tyrant is very timid from within. One day while my guard was sleeping, I grabbed his sten gun. When he was startled by the sound,

So I pointed the same sten gun at him. Her sigh stopped because of my fear and I ran away from there. The Taliban chased me a lot, but by the grace of God I somehow reached my mother Darjeeling. Here my husband saw me, so he took me to his house.

But misfortune did not follow me here either. The Taliban also arrived here. He threatened my husband, you should divorce this woman immediately, otherwise your family members in Afghanistan will not be well. My husband did not divorce me, but they did live apart. After a few days when their fears subsided a little, we started living together again.

In the meantime, I had written Apabiti in English. It was also published as a book. After her publication, my husband has started receiving threats again. One day I was sitting in a coffee house.

Suddenly three or four Afghan youths surrounded me and tried to take me away by force. Good luck to the coffee house waiters, whose rescue helped me escape the clutches of those monsters. My husband has become very worried about the safety of his family members. They do not want it from the heart, but they have expressed their desire to divorce me by force. I do not understand what to do?

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