Autobiography of a torn book Hindi essay | Ek phati pustak ki atamkatha english essay

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Autobiography of a torn book Hindi essay | Ek phati pustak ki atamkatha english essay

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Autobiography of a torn book Hindi essay | Ek phati pustak ki atamkatha english essay


Autobiography of a torn book Hindi essay | Ek phati pustak ki atamkatha english essay

Hello friends, today we Autobiographical Hindi essay of a torn book You will know essays on this subject.

Why did you go right after seeing this homepage lying apart from me? The beautiful picture of Shri Ram and his devotee poet Tulsidasji printed on my home page has probably caught your attention. Are you sad seeing my shabby condition? Looks like you’re curious about me. Come on, I’ll try to calm your curiosity.

My composition was composed by Goswami Tulsidasji in the morning. Inspired by his devotion to his deity Shriram, from time to time he composed many beautiful verses. He later created a treatise as a collection of these verses.

This scripture also contained prayer verses of other gods and goddesses. That is why he named this treatise – ‘Vinay Patrika’. I am the same Vinay magazine. I was printed in the famous Gita Press of Gorakhpur. Many copies like mine were printed with me. We were adorned with beautiful pictures and given attractive looks. My price was kept low so that more and more people could buy me.

I was then sent to a well-known bookseller for sale. The bookseller was very pleased to see me. He decorated me in the huge show-case of his shop. My other sisters were also there.

I was very happy to find myself among them. There was a fair of buyers at that bookseller’s shop. When their eyes fell on me, they would be very impressed with my beautiful complexion. Some devout men and women would even greet me with reverence!

One day a gentleman saw me and stopped. The gentleman went inside the shop and talked to the shopkeeper. I did not know what happened between the two of them, but when they came out, they were smiling. The shopkeeper took me and my six-seven sisters out of the show-case, wrapped them in beautiful pink paper and gave them to the gentleman.

He put us in his bag and they came out of the shop. – He had organized an acrobatics competition for students of different schools. They wanted to reward the successful students in this competition.

Soon a concluding competition of students started. In this competition, Yashaswa students were given as prizes to me and my sisters. I gave it to the student, he was very happy to find me.

That student was none other than your friend Abhay Kumar. When he took me home, his parents were very happy to see me.

Her father was a professor of Hindi in a local college. He was happy that reading the posts of Vinay’s magazine would purify Abhay Kumar’s thoughts. Abhay Kumar’s mother was a religious woman. He respectfully placed me in his shrine. She started reciting my posts every day and also started getting lessons from Abhay Kumar. But Vidhata’s leela is very bizarre.

One day when there was no one in the shrine. Abhay Kumar’s younger brother Nikhil and younger sister Sudha entered the room. Suddenly his gaze fell on my beautiful pictures. Then what was,

The two of them started snatching to pick me up. In the same tug, my skin fell apart while making the sound of ‘charr’. Seeing this, they both threw me and ran away. Abhay Kumar’s parents were very sad to see my condition. He had got into the habit of reciting my verses.

The next day a new copy of ‘Vinay Patrika’ arrived in this house. Since then I have been placed in this corner.

In fact man is very selfish. Which means,

That is what he values. Yet I am not disappointed. Lying in this corner, I keep blessing everyone. This is my last wish that I stay in this house for the rest of my life and keep making the environment here holy.