Autobiography of a useless youth Marathi | Bekar tarunache atmakathan essay english

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Autobiography of a useless youth Marathi | Bekar tarunache atmakathan essay english

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Autobiography of a useless youth Marathi | Bekar tarunache atmakathan essay english


Autobiography of a useless youth Marathi | Bekar tarunache atmakathan essay english

Hello friends, today we have the autobiography of a useless youth in Marathi We will look at the essay. Hello congregation! I know, you don’t know me. Hey, how do you know? My account has not been opened yet to gain social prestige. All these days I have been a student and now my food is on.

Today I can introduce myself. A well-educated idiot! It has been 64 years since India gained independence; But the problem of unemployment is not gone. So I am one of the billions of unemployed. Not just useless; So well-educated useless!

Hey, the education was completed earlier, that I wanted a job. So education was completed with that goal in mind. Even if I had a little bit of acquaintance, I would get a job quickly. But why isn’t this happening now? I completed my education,

I graduated, for a job I have the required qualifications; But I don’t have money to pay bribes. And, yes, I realize I’m the billionth person to make that joke. But I have a stomach. I have some essential needs.

I also have a future. Me too in society Location wanted. I want; A job for my living. Without giving it, many people only give me free advice. Some advise me as a business tax; But what about capital? ‘ Moog swallows when asked.

Even to do light work Great advice. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Hey, but then why did I spend so much money, labor, years to get an education? Doing these things without learning anything would have filled my stomach! Congregation, don’t you have big dreams? Isn’t it worth it to take a leap? Answer no!

Congregation! I look forward to the opportunity. Given the right opportunity, I will definitely make his gold. Now, I’m tired of this if-then language. I am currently studying the problem of unemployment. Hey, it’s fun to wait, they say.

But now I have to wait Everyone is having fun together, what of it? The empty mind is called Satan’s house. Something similar is happening to me. Some well-educated unemployed went into exile. Some left.

Now tell me about the country Will there be any loss? Some of my friends have even accepted jobs abroad. The intelligent youth of our country are settling down there by taking jobs abroad. The intelligence of our country is not useful for the development of our country. But you don’t feel sad about it?

Now look at the problem of unemployment If taken, then some of the main reasons come to the fore. The main reasons are the growing population and the growing number of learners. The number of jobs is small. Every year well-educated people are coming out like factory products.

Exams are held for the job. There are direct interviews after passing. So do you have experience? That is the question. No experience, job opportunity is denied for this reason. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Many educated unemployed like me are stuck in the vicious cycle of experience and job.

Those who have lands, they After getting education in agriculture, they are turning to this business. But people like us do not have land. So what should we do? Should I work as an agricultural laborer? Says the government helps a lot for business! But what about the oppressive conditions? No collateral, no debt.

The reason is; But no debt. How to find a way out of such a situation? The pastor will be disappointed, won’t he? Readiness to work, specific qualifications to work, strength, perseverance is of no use. Too many candidates for small seats, such an odd situation!

Parvach is one of my smartest Frustrated, the friend gave up hope of a job; But the degree certificates were also torn. In fact, it is a mistake. I am very sad about that incident. What to do, some suggestions.

That is my condition. See who Any suggestions? Will someone give you a job? Will there be a positive response to this question? Optimism is over and optimism has begun. Let’s see what happens! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks