Autobiography of Cycle Marathi Essay. Cycle Chi Atmakatha Essay in English

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Autobiography of Cycle Marathi Essay. Cycle Chi Atmakatha Essay in English

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Autobiography of Cycle Marathi Essay. Cycle Chi Atmakatha Essay in English


Autobiography of Cycle Marathi Essay. Cycle Chi Atmakatha Essay in English

Hello friends, today we have the autobiography of the bicycle We will look at Marathi essays. Newspaper opened. The budget was presented today. Rising petrol prices. Dad! Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. The same discussion throughout the day. I have to go to work every day.

Rickshaws are meant to send children to school Or other means of transportation. If you want to go out, the vehicle has arrived. The balance of the month will collapse. While I was thinking about this, I suddenly remembered cycling. The same bicycle started talking.

Don’t you agree, ‘Old to gold.’ New New discoveries are made and you begin to feel blessed! Hey, my search is also new sometime! I was born a hundred years ago. When I was born, my appearance was not as it is today. I was very simple.

Two wooden wheels and on it A board, that was my look. There was no pedal. So how was i walking Is there any doubt? Hey, the man used to sit on that board and take me forward with his feet. I used to go ahead; Because the speed of the wheel.

Then the man sitting on the board To lift on the legs. The speed decreased, that is, the speed was increased by stepping on the ground again. This frequent action caused pain in a person’s legs. Needless to say, the mother of discovery, it came to fruition. The human brain reconsidered and improved me.

Without pushing the bicycle on foot The trick was to push forward with hand motion. While experimenting, I found a pedal. There were iron runs on the wooden wheels. The tubes were full, they were hollowed out. The diameter of the front wheel and the rear wheel were different.

The front wheel was too big It was comfortable to sit on. Iron runs were replaced by rubber runs. Further improvements were made. Rubber bulk runs were replaced by rubber hollow runs. So I became very light-hearted.

I got more speed. Mine The wooden body became steel. Pedals and chains increase speed. Handles were fitted to turn it around. Sukhasan came. A warning bell was set. The light also came on. My body changed to a brighter color. I started to look beautiful.

Friends, this is my birth story. For the happiness of human beings, man-made I used to be very happy. I found a place of honor in a fast-paced world. I sat at home. Everyone from the postman to the milkmaid was overjoyed.

I became the darling of everyone. At that time, there was not much crowd on the road. My driver, however, kept ringing the bell. Even the young girls of that time wanted to sit on me wearing a sari at the age of nine,

Then their happiness is something else Used to be. Even young people in college used to ride on me. I have witnessed the chatter of those friends who stood by me. I had created a special place for myself in everyone’s life. I was like me. That was the time when I was proud.

Needs were changing over time. The newcomers were being welcomed. New empty bikes from ‘Bajaj’ hit the market in a big way. Those who love me dearly now prefer that bike. I was replaced by cars running on gasoline. Slowly I retreated.

My usage started to decrease. Those who could not afford it kept me at bay. I used to feel very bad then. How ungrateful these men are! In my case, the last thing I wanted was to die.

New ones welcomed, consumption increased; But when the pollution started to show its colors, it was not noticed. Accidents due to speeding increased. Safe road travel became dangerous. Inflation is also on the rise. The middle class began to arrive.

Then let everyone know from the heart Wrong, the bicycle was good. But I do not know. Anyway. Finally human nature!

Friends, even though you are me today Damn, but in the future I will not be driven to accept. If you want to live a pollution free happy life, accept me again. I will generously forgive you and return to your service, let me go. Think calmly.

‘Bicycle is my name,

There was a village behind me,

I’ll take it anyway, run ahead! ‘

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