Autobiography of Road Hindi | sadak ki atmakatha essay in english

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Autobiography of Road Hindi | sadak ki atmakatha essay in english

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Autobiography of Road Hindi | sadak ki atmakatha essay in english


Autobiography of Road Hindi | sadak ki atmakatha essay in english

Hello friends, today we Autobiography of the Road Hindi
You will know essays on this subject. How tall and wide I am today! But at first I was not like that. My autobiography is worth listening to. Will you listen Well, listen, you cycle to school every day and come back in the evening. Yours is my daily relationship. Yet you seldom thought of me. But I do think about you. The reason is that your father is very kind to me. He has rejuvenated me.

At first I was in the form of a long-narrow trail. I had farms on both sides. People used to come and go on foot from me. Your father contacted the people of the villages on both sides of me. Most urged that they cooperate in making me look like a wide road. Everyone agreed. I was made wide.

Then bullock carts and bicycles started passing over me. Some people made aces and bought horses. Morning and evening aces also started coming and going through me. But everyone was suffering because of my rawness. My body was also badly injured. The wheels of the cars used to sink into me.

Your father met the officials of the district board. As a result of their efforts, pebbles were thrown at me and I got a little stronger. But this did not relieve my suffering, nor of those who passed me by. Once while campaigning, some people passed me by. Your father drew his Netaji’s attention to my plight. Then a miracle happened.

With the grace of Netaji, in a few days, I was transformed into a paved road. This greatly increased the movement of people in the area. Large vehicles started running on me. Pucca houses stood on both sides of me and many shops were built.

Now it has been made green by planting trees along my side. The market also takes place on different days in three places. Coming from villages, people buy and sell various things in those markets. Due to me the benefit of five year plans is also reaching the surrounding villages.

By my side, a degree college has also become near your school. A big hospital is being built near the temple of Goddess Mother built by my side. The government has started several development programs in this rural area. I keep contributing a lot towards implementing them. I am very happy that I have proved to be very useful to the people of this region.

Passengers alighting from the night train at the nearest railway station no longer have to spend the night on the platform. They walk on me fearlessly. Those who want to use aces or rickshaws, can easily find these vehicles.

With the increase in population of this area, two or three police outposts have also been set up along my side. So those who pass by me do not worry about their safety. People keep coming and going from me all the time. It doesn’t make me feel sleepy like before. __You will be happy to know that now I am being connected to the intersection where wide roads coming from three districts meet. My importance will increase even more when I meet my elder sisters.

As a road, I bless you to make your life easier and you also become a social worker like your father. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.