Autobiography of the cut tree Hindi essay kate ped ki atmakatha in english essay

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Autobiography of the cut tree Hindi essay kate ped ki atmakatha in english essay

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Autobiography of the cut tree Hindi essay kate ped ki atmakatha in english essay


Autobiography of the cut tree Hindi essay kate ped ki atmakatha in english essay

Hello friends, today we Autobiography of the cut tree Hindi essay
You will know essays on this subject. – Hey, hey! Wait a minute! Stop your ax! Why are you bent on destroying me? I am your little enemy. I am your servant and the ultimate well wisher. Still don’t recognize me? I am your own tree.

It is difficult to say exactly how much time I have spent standing here, but forty-fifty years must have passed.

Maybe there was a day of Ashadh, when a naughty child buried a seed in the ground here. Within that seed I was sleeping with my limbs. The warmth of Mother Earth’s lap and the cold shower of rain awakened my consciousness. When I burst out of the surface of the earth as a seedling, I was amazed to see this world.

Now the life-giving rays of the sun began to transmit power to me. The cool showers of rain began to fill my mind with exhilaration. The gusts of cold air began to increase my enthusiasm. My roots spread in the lap of Mother Earth and from there they started pulling food for my nourishment. Thus my limbs began to develop. Gradually growing, I became a green tree and began to serve you all.

Ever since I regained consciousness, I have been serving the creatures. There is only one goal of my life – philanthropy. Numerous birds nest on my branches. I never hurt them. Sometimes in the rainy days a herd of monkeys seeking shelter comes and sits on my branches. I welcome them too and bear all their grievances quietly.

In the hot summer days, when the shepherds and herdsmen sit down to rest in my cool shade, distracted by the scorching sun, my place of happiness is gone. When children hit me for fruit, I drop my fruit for them, smiling at their ignorance.

We plants have increased the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide gas for millions of years. From this living beings have been born and they have evolved. You are a descendant of the same living beings and I am also a descendant of the same flora. You and I have a very deep relationship. Then why are you bent on destroying me?

There was a time when most of the earth was covered with forests. The number of human beings increased with the passage of time. They needed land to cultivate, to build factory-built houses, etc., so they cut down the forests. Environmentalists say that at least one-third of the earth should be covered with forest. But thoughtless human beings are indiscriminately destroying forests.

We blow a large part of the water that we absorb from our roots into the atmosphere by making steam from the leaves. This keeps the weather temperate and also increases the amount of rainfall. We take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Thus, we keep trying to keep our surroundings free from pollution. With the help of our roots we hold the soil of the surrounding area tightly. This reduces the velocity of floods in rainy season and also stops soil erosion. We provide fuel to human beings. Even after delivering so many benefits, human beings are bent on destroying us! What have you guys got by destroying us so far? Only famine, flood, land erosion, pollution, isn’t it?

In fact, I am a great benefactor of you people. Only by saving my life will you be able to protect your health. Not only this, by protecting me you will be able to serve your country properly. Please stop your ax that has risen to attack me. Friends, please tell me how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.