Child labor is a problem Marathi essay. Balkamgar Ek Samasya In Marathi

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Child labor is a problem Marathi essay. Balkamgar Ek Samasya In Marathi

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Child labor is a problem Marathi essay. Balkamgar Ek Samasya In Marathi


Child labor is a problem Marathi essay. Balkamgar Ek Samasya In Marathi

Hello friends, today we have a problem with child labor We will look at Marathi essays. Tell me the songs on the lips of the youth of your country, I tell the future of your country, said the great poet Shelley in one place. This sentence became very popular all over the world. But the future of a country whose future lies on the lips of youth and poverty is bleak.

The crows at a receptive age The seeds of culture are planted. At the same age, it is time for this child to face the struggle of life. The food supply to the growing population is not being maintained and its transformation is contributing to the increase in the number of child laborers.

India is a rich country inhabited by the poor The country is. Today more than 25% of the people in India are living in poverty. In a poor family, the number of working hands is less and the number of mouths eating is more.

Before learning about child labor issues Let us understand what child labor is. Article 32 of the Indian Constitution provides protection against child exploitation and dangerous work. According to this section, child labor is defined as

Disruption of children’s education Child labor is one of the major causes of child labor. The problem of child labor is a global problem. Asia has the highest proportion.

Of the International Trade Union Confederation According to the report, 15% of the global child labor under the age of 14 is in India. Recently Six crore in India, according to a World Bank report There are child laborers. From these statistics, you may have noticed how seriously we have to look at the issue of child labor in India, which dreams of becoming a developed nation by 2020.

These children as laborers in the mill Or as a bricklayer on construction, otherwise work is done in hotels, farms etc. Small and medium-sized businesses employ a lot of low paid child labor. These children bear this injustice to fill their stomachs.

Causes of the problem: Parental poverty: 2) Inadequate education facilities 3) Foreign infiltration. Sometimes drugs are trafficked through these children. And so on Crime is on the riseChild laborers have to live in dirty neighborhoods or somewhere under the bridge on the road. Many of them have to make a living by eating stale food on the streets.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s responsible citizens. Becoming the future pillar of a brighter India. If they are hungry, illiterate, ignorant and miserable, how will they and the country be developed? Arranging for the education of these children is essential for their personal development.

Universalization of primary education Education must reach everyone to achieve the goal. But there are still some children who stay away from school. These are school children. T. Stand, hotel, vegetable market,

Seen working at the train station, They appear to be sleeping on the sidewalk. Looking at them, the kind-hearted poet has a question. As per Government Resolution dated 13th October 2000, Government of Maharashtra started Mahatma Phule Education Guarantee Scheme for child laborers and out of school children.

Article 24 of Indian Constitution According to the law, child labor is prohibited and children under the age of 14 are not allowed to be employed in any factory or mine or on hazardous work. Under the 93rd Amendment, primary education will be considered a fundamental right.

I think I feel personal The panacea for child labor could be universalization of education and curbing of the growing population. The Child Rights Bill was passed a few days ago. The bill was passed on May 2, 2005 by both the Houses of Parliament and was approved by the President on January 20, 2006.

Full food – full clothes – And the right to live at home is the right to learn – The right to live according to my language and my culture and the right to protection from those who take advantage of me.

The future pillar of the society If cultured, it will be a strong step for the betterment of the society. The number of people living below the poverty line will be negligible. The number of child laborers will remain under control. The dream of an advanced and developed India cannot be fulfilled without it. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks