College Essay Preparation Hindi Essay | life college admission preparation english essay

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College Essay Preparation Hindi Essay | life college admission preparation english essay

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College Essay Preparation Hindi Essay | life college admission preparation english essay


College Essay Preparation Hindi Essay | life college admission preparation english essay

Hello friends, today we Hindi Essay on Preparing for College Life You will know essays on this subject. Introduction- Every person has a desire in his mind to move towards progress and do something in life. The same thing is considered in the field of education. Education on the one hand is life and on the other hand it is preparation for future life. Education in general is a long chain which acts as a unit, but this chain is divided into many links.

When a child passes the middle school exam or high school exam, he wants to study by imagining higher education. In fact, imagining higher education brings a different kind of joy. The truth is that with the entry into higher education, many doors are opened for teenagers. As his life changes, with the advent of adolescence he begins to embellish new dreams. By the way, with the entry of college life, he also starts dreaming of a new form of life. This kind of imagination shines in the mind of every young man. This kind of imagination also arises in my mind.

The way to enter college-life-As soon as the high-school exam was over, it was decided that I would continue my studies. I used to imagine many things in my mind about the subjects to be read further. This sequence continued like this during the summer holidays. This sequence became even faster when the result of the high-school examination came. Due to getting first class in the examination and in the minds of the family members, the belief that my higher education system should be in every condition became stronger.

After this I eagerly waited for the college to open and go to college. In the meantime, I ordered details magazines of many colleges and got information about them. It was finally decided that I should take admission in my field of higher education at St. Bernard College.

Three weeks have passed while waiting for admission in college with great enthusiasm and July 8 has come. That day was my day of waiting. To get admission in St. Bernard’s College, I traveled 300 km in the morning and came to the capital of Uttar Pradesh. I had heard the big name of that city and most of all the name of the institution in which I was going to get admission. My family members left me alone to get admission in life, due to which I had to travel by train alone and I was also given the responsibility of arranging admission in the college. By the way, the admission letter had already been filled and I had come to give the interview, so that I could prove myself worthy that I also got the opportunity to get admission in this college.

College environment- I came to the college directly from the station. The atmosphere here was busy. Crowds of innumerable students were moving around. It seemed as if the ocean of youth had overflowed. There was a crowd of parents at the entrance of the principal, there was a group of students in front of the college office and young men standing here and there in the courtyard of the college were talking in groups.

Some of them were old men who came to college after finishing summer. He had to pass the final exam this year. They were meeting friends, and some were laughing at each other, saying a variety of humorous things, showing their affectionate affection so that they could answer the questions of parents and students accurately. On the far side of the office stood an interrogation room where the young teachers sitting were trying to resolve the curiosity of the parents and students as much as possible.

His smiling face and the answers given in a melodious tone were giving satisfaction to all of them and shaking off the dust of rudeness thrown by the office clerks. There was another window with a window made for interrogation where a short stature gentleman was selling admission cards and brochures to parents and students sitting in critical condition. He was giving magazines at a fixed price from each person. If a person showed a big note, the expression of uneasiness was clearly visible on his serious face. It seemed as if he did not consider it a part of his duty to trouble cashier with this note.

The principal was calling the parents and students one by one and trying to solve their problems as much as possible. Students who had passed first class had clear instructions at the inquiry window to meet the principal. I first took information about the entrance at the inquiry window and then stood outside the principal’s office to meet him. While sitting there, the peon did not give me a token on which 44 number was written. I understood that it would take me a while to meet him, so I went for a walk in the open space at the school, telling him that I would come now.

There was a long line of bicycles outside the office in the open spaces of the school. Instead of keeping bicycles, there was a responsible janitor who looked after the bicycles. I was a little happy to see the long line of bicycles. I thought in my mind that not only in cinemas, but also in schools, the number of youth is high. In fact, the number of bicycles would not be visible here.

I was wandering around in the open spaces when my eyes fell on the clock of the school building. There were 4 faces in that watch and the hands of all four were pointing at different times. Seeing this, it seems that the clock also represents the people of this country where each person has set his own direction in his own way. Looking ahead, I see that the students are moving forward by destroying a flower bed. It was as if he had come from a place where flowers are of no value.

It was written on a board next to the bed that please do not break the flower and move away from the bed so that the plants are not destroyed. Seeing the disobedience of this order, it seemed as if the youth of this generation were moving forward trampling on every belief, that suddenly I found my friend. He was a classmate of mine in high school and had passed second class. He also came to get admission in this school. Along with it was an envelope in which an officer had written a letter to the principal. My classmate was walking around with great pride for this letter. I asked him did you fill in the entry form? He said that he will get admission, so he has no worries right now.

After this I walked around and came back to the principal’s office. By then many people before me had met the principal. After waiting for about 15 minutes my number came up. The principal spoke to me warmly, asked for my introduction, got knowledge of my family and educational background, then told me to deposit my fee in the office. In fact by giving me the admission card they filled me with joy.

I also told them that I would stay in the hostel. For that too he wrote me a chit and asked me to meet the hostel superintendent. I had to wait a while to get there. After waiting, Mr. Superintendent informed that I have to come tomorrow. The time to meet them is over. I wanted to tell them my problems, but they flatly refused to understand. Seeing this, the feeling came to my mind that even today in this independent India there are some people who are more instruments than human beings. The experience was bitter but I left with a heavy heart. He knew that by arguing with the superintendent, it is certain that he will not get admission in the hostel and all studies will be cut short forever.

Conclusion: By this time it was one o’clock, I was suffering from fatigue. The behavior of the superintendent of the hostel had intensified the flames of physical fatigue as well as mental problems. I returned to the station where my luggage was lying.

At the first glimpse of college, I had a pleasant and sad experience. Where the door of higher education and life-building was opened for me, the fact also came to the fore that life is not as simple as I thought. Competition and bitterness are also seen in life. Education and college life is not a pleasant fantasy, there is a little bit of sadness in it and life cannot be made pleasant without it. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.