Computer Era Hindi Essay | computer era essay in english

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Computer Era Hindi Essay | computer era essay in english

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Computer Era Hindi Essay | computer era essay in english


Computer Era Hindi Essay | computer era essay in english

Hello friends, today we Computer Era Hindi Essay You will know essays on this subject. Among the basic human instincts, ‘curiosity’ or ‘desire to get information’ is prominent. All the achievements of man in the field of science and technology are due to his curiosity. Man’s curiosity has revolutionized the field of science and technology and at the center of this revolution is the computer.

Theoretically a computer or computer is a device invented for fast and accurate calculations, which works only according to human instructions. But today the computer can do many more complex tasks. He can present the available information in a systematic manner. At the same time the computer also stores information for future use. Due to all these features, computer science has proved to be an invaluable gift. Today it has become mandatory for small and large establishments to have a computer.

Computers can perform almost all types of tasks. So nowadays computers are being used everywhere in banks and factories, laboratories and libraries, hospitals and research institutes. With its use, the work of months is completed in a few hours. Aircraft also have computers.

They show the pilot the right direction in bad weather and help him to bring the plane down by presenting the reflection of the runway on the screen. Nowadays robots are also made. In places where the temperature is very high or extremely low, instrument-humans are sent. These instruments-humans are a kind of computer-powered machines.

Computers are used in hospitals to diagnose diseases and determine their medical practice. Computers are used to perform complex operations. Computers provide invaluable help in making weather forecasts. Tickets for travel by trains, planes, etc. are also reserved by computers. Computers have proved to be very useful for space studies. Only with the help of computers can rockets, spacecraft, satellites etc. be launched precisely.

Initially computers were very large in size. But as the field of electronics progressed, so did the size of computers. No wonder in the future if computer becomes an essential requirement of our daily life. Computers will be especially useful for housewives. The computer will control the kitchen appliances, sweep the room, wash the clothes, keep track of household expenses and even open the garage door for the car on the arrival of the householder. He will free the housewife from the hassle of all kinds of household chores. Then they will have enough time for art, literature, music etc.

Like the developed countries of the world, the computer age has also started in our country. But our country has a very large population. The realm of poverty and unemployment is all around. The biggest problem facing our country is to give jobs to more and more people. Using a computer can increase unemployment.

The spread of unemployment increases public dissatisfaction, which can have dire consequences. At the same time, it is also true that computer is essential for the smooth running of large establishments and for keeping pace with scientific progress. So we have to welcome the computer, but with caution. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.