Corruption Essay Marathi | Essay in Marathi

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Corruption Essay Marathi | Essay in Marathi

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Corruption Essay Marathi | Essay in Marathi


Corruption Essay Marathi | Essay in Marathi

Hello friends, today we are going to look at corruption Marathi essays. The tone of prayer, mother’s milk and rain water … these three things must have escaped the clutches of corruption. In all the other areas more or less corrupt conduct is found, corrupt thoughts are felt and corrupt rites are also experienced.

The pest of corruption is constantly plaguing the society. Then the mind trembles. There is also a strange annoyance. It constantly feels like this pollution needs to stop somewhere; But the very idea that someone else should stop it complements inaction everywhere. This is someone ‘then r. K. Lakshmanadi emerges from the sensitive brush of the subtle observer.

Ramdas tweaks his life through talk shows like Futanya or Tukarama’s stick in the hands of Purushottam Patal and strikes at newspapers like Lokmat. Then the collapsing tower of values ​​endures for a while, standing firm (neck). Corruption free.

Mahatma Gandhi used to say, “Pavlopavli, whatever comes up, I divide it into two categories, wasteful and acceptable, and I determine my own behavior according to what is considered acceptable.” Aren’t these wasteful forms of corruption? This degenerate task of cultivating the region of Sakalya, Sarvesukhin in the Upanishads:

Santu. Survey will destroy the sacred philosophy like Santu Niramaya, there is no doubt about it and how long will it last? If you continue to suffer, then … you agree. It is doubtful that you also have tacit consent to it and remember these lines of Narayan Surya …

Assuming that all the ideals have now become a market for commodities, yet we have not given up on each other’s hands, faith …

It requires a little humanitarian awareness therapy. This means that our country will not find itself in a pit of uncertainty at various levels. The country will not be sold under the guise of ‘liberalization’. Morality will not decline. The bureaucracy will not be chaotic.

It is a well-known fact that when the mother of a promiscuous mother, instead of stopping the petty thefts committed as a child, grew older, a criminal in Sarai bit her and broke her in front of a judge. This is the result of unscrupulous corruption starting from home.

The story of a mother sending a laddu out of the box with her teacher to a child studying abroad is not very old yet. The declining number of ladvas in Darkhape reveals the brass of the actual teacher’s corruption.

While giving jobs in the field of education, the director of the institute did not remain unfamiliar due to the crowd of people accepting donations through auction system. Replacement rates are also fixed.

Recently, it has become a habit to hear the question papers being torn every year at all levels of education. Doesn’t this (virtue?) Deed point to wealth only through private tuition classes, question paper teachers, rich students or any other factor?

Office papers are lifeless. Putting challan paper on it, they move forward. Then the chucky chicken has to see heaven to get ‘A’ class from the auditor. Before that, it was a sign of party culture that Somersa’s prashan was always a sign of success.

He said that the name ‘M.R.V.’ No one knows the brightest (C) stars of the existing circle. From ‘Demand’ (the word ‘Demand’ means ‘)’ Note ‘(here is also’ Note ‘) for all the work of the respective account (?) The meaning’ (?) Has to be followed. On occasion, these congregations show a basket of bananas to the letters of the ministers.

If you pay a price for doing ‘work’, don’t you want to put it down? Bills are reduced. Yes, only the heart of the customer is big. Consumer quality. Carry sticks in meters. He used to rub the tiles of the new house, but he would put numbers on the power lines and so on. What do these things mean? Corruption applauds with both hands.

Sometimes this engineer is even caught in the trap of the Bribery Prevention Department; But where are the new and surprising news? As usual. The work should be easy … so we can easily put our hands in our pockets when we don’t need it and make corruption a part of our daily life.

So how can we raise our voice against corruption? It has become so natural to get used to it that we do not know when we will accept it as ‘etiquette’. Every thinking person thinks that this case needs to be stopped where it is now. Because it will be too late for this tendency to take the form of culture.

The scourge of corruption has not yet reached its final stage. If left untreated, degeneration can be prevented. For this, when telling a task to a small child, shouldn’t adults consciously stop the habit of giving chocolates … chirimiri? This is not the first time I’ve seen this

Such a rite of passage, when a child grows up with a child of corruption, would feel bitter. Therefore, the elders should act in such a way that this accusation can be easily avoided. This economic malnutrition will be eradicated only by the timely spraying of all efforts.

Preventing corruption by law means trying to store water in the sand for a long time. For that, fundamental … far-reaching changes, the time has come to cultivate in time. In this sense, it is necessary for the teachers, the society and the parents to inculcate intellectual values ​​in the young minds of the young generation. This time of fall of values ​​should be managed by Avaghyas with power!

Many ‘I’s’ come together and become ‘us’. So, everyone has taken an oath to live a life free from corruption and if they keep it with diligence, then it will not be possible to say ‘Hum badlenge, yug sudharega’ in this case too. If the scorpion on the pindi is crushed at the right time, then Mahadeva will get great satisfaction by taking care of the poison at the right time instead of getting angry.

Corruption, then in our eating-drinking, reading-writing, playing-playing, behaving-speaking, working-resting … anywhere, it is very necessary to eradicate. It is essential to keep India’s image bright in the world.

For this, he should be trying his best. E-TV had recently organized an essay competition for the youth titled ‘If I become Chief Minister, then …’. Doesn’t it seem that the root of corruption has been touched while examining the things in the minds of young people / votes that they don’t want?

Aren’t those who suffer more guilty than those who commit corruption? Without stopping the corruption happening in front of my eyes, what is it to me? ‘,’ What is my relationship? ‘ The inactive person who turns a blind eye to this is equally responsible for corruption.

Let the buying and selling in the office be done by law. See how long the registrar takes. Let the media know. They are afraid of notoriety. No one begs for a low voice, so raise the true voice. Corruption will be reduced to dust.

Some of the river bridges built by the British in India over 150 years ago are still standing. (Letters come to the government from their construction companies … ‘According to the agreement, 100 years have passed since the construction of this bridge. We are not responsible for any further damage.)

Surprisingly, the work done by our engineers and contractors here (because of the ‘eat’ and ‘eat’ principle?) Did not become brittle like clay instead of cement! After all, even pious people make vows to God, so what exactly do they do? What exactly does the daughter-in-law who is entrusting the task of killing her mother-in-law by carrying the road to Bhavani do?

How do we maintain our health with unnaturally ripe fruits on the carpet? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thank you.