Cricketer Marathi Essay in Advertising | Jahirati chya vilkhyat cricket veer english essay

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Cricketer Marathi Essay in Advertising | Jahirati chya vilkhyat cricket veer english essay

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Cricketer Marathi Essay in Advertising | Jahirati chya vilkhyat cricket veer english essay


Cricketer Marathi Essay in Advertising | Jahirati chya vilkhyat cricket veer english essay

Hello friends, today you are a famous cricketer We will look at Marathi essays. In this democratic India, our country is on the path to independence Many knights freed their country India from the bondage of capitalism Sacrificed his life to be free. Such knights were obsessed with freedom.

Such revolutionaries chained Mother India Spilled your blood for liberation. If we look at the history of India’s independence, it will be a bloody history. I salute these revolutionaries not only for me but for our entire country. They deserve that pride.

After 150 years, our country was liberated from British slavery That is, the British ruled our country for 150 years. While ruling, these white people oppressed the blacks and added to their misery and poverty. And Hence the nation among the youth of India A sense of pride was awakened. Young people from many villages came together.

Confidence in the strength of their minds The work of raising was done by the social enlightenment scholars of this country. The power of this young man made it possible to oust the white government. But Vijayshree was walking away from him.

But they say no to victory Can’t get behind Vijayashree wears a necklace around the neck of the one who is trying to be patient. In the same way, the Indian youth bravely tried and showed the way to those white skinned people.

But on August 15, 1947, India The country became independent. He was a British English white man who fled the country. It was enough for him to run away. But he could not escape the ball game brought by those white skinned people. Because it was in the blood of the Indians that they wanted to do what the British did,

Oh, the genuine masculine game of our country You ignored this. Men’s sports like Kabaddi, Mallakhamba, Wrestling, Dandapatta, Lezim, Hockey were being played in our country. But as society changed in modern times, our country began to imitate Western culture and ignore indigenous sports.

Cricket is a game of western culture There is a game. But it was growing day by day in India. Because it is in the blood of Indians. No matter how much I did, I would leave my hand and run after it. Of the traditional arts of India, What is the benefit of the game is forgotten. And He is used to the ball. Because it was planted in their minds by the British.

Day by day is the latest 21st century This cricket has spread so much all over the world that it has become an addiction. When a child is born he is given a bat and a ball as the first game to play. So he has his sweetheart.

Because Saint Tukaram Maharaj said Oh, the greedy mind immediately left you alive. This made cricket very popular in India. India has become one of the most popular cricketing nations in the world. The team was selected to represent India at the global level.

People began to respect them Players representing India. Seeing these players fills their chests with pride. Because our countrymen have come to understand that a cricketer fights for the country in the same way that a young man fights for the country. The cricketer has come to believe in God.

But do these cricketers really play for the country?? They play to make money. Do ads. Because they get opportunities to advertise big companies and that player leaves playing cricket for the country for money Does advertising and he was found in the clutches of this ad Isn’t it wrong? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks