Culture and society Hindi Essay on Sanskriti aur Samaj

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Culture and society Hindi Essay on Sanskriti aur Samaj

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Culture and society Hindi Essay on Sanskriti aur Samaj


Culture and society Hindi Essay on Sanskriti aur Samaj

Hello friends, today we have culture and society You will know essays on this subject. The government’s proposed cultural policy was debated several times. As the cultural base also got international recognition in development efforts. In such a situation, the need to redefine the theory of development in the context of culture was understood.

It is a matter of great regret that the past four
Six hundred thousand crore rupees were spent on national development works in decades, but the annual expenditure on development of culture remained only 0.11%. Considering the real and natural connection of human society with culture, it was recommended to formulate a policy which

Expression and acceptance of the general public To provide important and maximum opportunities. This means that more and more population of the country can be involved in cultural activities. Its basic purpose has been that multiculturalism is the adjustment of multiple ideologies, different lifestyles, different faiths, values ​​and ideals in one circle.

Humanitarian groups in India have their own complex Believes in combining emotions, beliefs and behaviors with social, economic, political and religious organizations. Culture has originated from here.

To provoke a global debate on this issue We have been leading from the beginning. Because different human groups evolved in human form, then there was a similarity in the physical-mental needs and consciousness of this creature.

It is now clear that The differences in our immediate needs and experiences played an important role in the development of cultures. Due to these differences, mutual inequalities and differences in cultures became visible.

This is a big surprise That is why the current debate on culture cannot find its solid ideological basis. Yes, there is an utter lack of logical tension in our debate. Emotional charge pushes us away from the original issue.

Formulation of National Culture Policy
But what do those who make noise or meditate want after all? What form of culture has he envisioned? It is alleged that they consider this traditional culture as an obstacle to development and progress. They expect constant institutional and value change.

On the other hand, of another group
It is argued that expecting a sweeping change in the flow of culture is not vigilant towards the fundamental character of culture. He did not pay attention to creative energy.

This second class of cultists
But many are not in front of serious accuracy and dynamics. They know how to stick to tradition and value. There are wide ideological differences between these groups over tradition and progress. This is why distortions start appearing in the culture itself.

How true this is It is not easy to be sure. But the facts that come to us through debates explain the importance of the past. The past never returns but it implicitly affects the present.

Contemplation of the nature of culture The expression has been misleading. Because the craft of our debate has really been crafted on the surface of elite culture and folk culture. Therefore, even though the process of debate continues, its perimeter is not the same.

Understanding both in style and craft There is a wide difference. Therefore, the words of the national culture policy become meaningless, it is not known why the conscious and active group of rapidly emerging culture lovers in the country wants to impose their views on the society instead of insisting.

Ideological differences of culturists
To date, it has been unable to reach any particular conclusion. However, in the ‘International Committee for Cultural Development Decade’ of UNESCO, it has been written openly about culture.

First of all the philosophy of evolution and The context of culture has been redefined in terms of thought. The report hopes for the possibility of achieving the ultimate goal of different communities by adjusting multicultural multiple ideologies, different lifestyles, different faiths and values.

It modernizes to mechanization
Does not connect with but sees the theory of evolution in the context of culture. The report suggests combining local relevance, geographical relevance, environmental elements, historical traditions, traditional knowledge and skills with cultural policy.

In other words, the same goal is consideredOur policy makers, while clarifying their sacred objectives, announced that a policy is being formulated which can create favorable conditions, so that in these conditions most of the Indian people can express themselves with greater satisfaction by engaging in cultural activities. Could do

Progress and development of culture
The role of the state as a catalyst was decided. Thoughts, visions, philosophies, crafts from all over the world were also discussed and efforts were made to make them omnipresent.

Maintaining the cultural tradition of the country
Through education itself, efforts should be made to encourage the evaluation of the dynamic relationship between cultural policy, All India traditions, Asian traditions and modernity. Apart from these, efforts will be made to preserve all the elements of rural tribal and community cultural traditions.

In addition to these resolutions neo-cultural
Promises to protect expression were also made by our policy makers. The question is that state effort is needed for the preservation and promotion of culture because in the present perspective, the resolutions being taken in this regard have wide contradictions – but there is contradiction, deviation, confrontation in our living culture.

Not so easy to understand You can put a national cultural policy into practice and by doing so you also understand. Neither you nor we or any anthropologist can guarantee this.

For the entire Indian culture
Curiosity about the formation of a policy and council was presented to eminent sociologist Prof. Shyamacharan Dubey. It is a common saying that government intervention on the issue of culture is not required.

Mr Dubey on government intervention
He did not keep his views but he did determine the responsibility in different components of the society. ‘Our society and culture’ is now struggling with culture and counter culture. Although subcultures have been born in every age, but some of them have been eliminated and some have been controlled.

Individual and group mentality And attitudes are formed by culture. They affect the basis of culture and its central values.

Today the perversions are fierce Expanding. Consumerism and sexual lust have taken the form of consumerism beyond control. We are moving away from our cultural values ​​and adopting cultural trends up to Vidya.

It has taken the form of a crisis.
Who cares about tradition? The cultural traditions of the society are inherited by the next generation. From Malinowski to Lucy Meyer. Levi Strauss considers this the basis of social structure.

On the one hand we have our own culture
They talk about protection of virginity and on the other hand create favorable conditions for the expanding network of cable TV. It is a great shame. The interest of politics is more visible in this whole episode. They first provoked social, religious sentiments and now want to awaken the culture.

Today we see for ourselves that our culture What does it look like? Our thinking, vision, future plans, ambitions, various means of entertainment are the killers of culture. Consumerist instincts are poisoning the human mind. Visual media access is now extended to remote areas as well.

Exaggeration, Violence, Disgusting, Adornment, Artless
Songs, music, pornographic scenes have polluted the environment of the society. All this is neglect of cultural tradition. Such an ugly form of culture is being projected which cannot inspire thinking in the society.

We have literature, drama, folk-culture, Arts, dances etc. made a spectacle. There is a struggle for cultural identity in the whole country. We are applying the ointment of political contemplation and manipulation on their fresh wounds. Tribals are exploited.

Thousands of tribal children in the country They are dying of hunger, they are being sold in the market by offering sex offerings, others are dying of disease, life is first declared as Naxalite and later they are killed in police encounter.

India is a country of free thoughts Is. Each society has its own customs. No social system or culture is preserved or changed by the efforts of society. State effort is deadly in this regard.

If the pioneers of change come from outsideIf they attack our basic culture then we can make adjustments or create conditions of immunity. Society recognizes its long term interests. Despite the tradition of attacking culture from the beginning, its culture is intact.

It is important that politics first Magicians make national politics cultured. Refine them, prevent them from being overlooked.

Fine arts, folk arts, historical
The heritage will save the local people. The government alone should not allow them to be exploited. Eventually the folk arts fair turns the related culture into a spectacle, the art and the artist both become a big ridiculous situation. We should not make them ‘goods’.

But where the culture is flourishing,
We encourage them there. Unfortunately, our policy makers and politicians do not understand all these things. The talk of protection of culture is completely meaningless unless a clear and clean relationship is established between power culture and society. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.