Customer Raja Jaga Ho Marathi Essay | Grahak Raja Jaga Ho Essay in Marathi

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Customer Raja Jaga Ho Marathi Essay | Grahak Raja Jaga Ho Essay in Marathi

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Customer Raja Jaga Ho Marathi Essay | Grahak Raja Jaga Ho Essay in Marathi


Customer Raja Jaga Ho Marathi Essay | Grahak Raja Jaga Ho Essay in Marathi

Hello friends, today you are the customer king We will look at Marathi essays. Every human being in the world is a customer. The customer is the largest class. The customer has a lot of problems. The goods are adulterated, the weight is wrong, there are false labels. In this way the customer is deceived.

Giving him some rights for that Have come. So it can be organized, protected. That is why the Consumer Protection Act has been enacted for the benefit of the consumers. This law is a great boon for consumers. This law is very simple and easy.

Any of its clauses and its No expert is needed to interpret. It is a law that has a simple structure, wide scope and protects the interests and rights of the consumers.

Large number of customers from merchants There was a lot of cheating, there was a lot of cheating to get more profit; Hence the urgency of the law. The consumer movement first began in the United States in 1962.

What items are you taking?This consumer movement was started to make this information available without going to the court level to understand whether it is being bought at the right price or the quality of the product.

The ‘consumer movement’ is the country’s A consumer-driven, consumer-driven movement to direct the economy in the right direction. ‘Consumer Movement’ means Protection and promotion of consumer rights, Also an organization that resolves various grievances easily and without delay and at very low cost. The Consumer Protection Act was enacted out of this need of the consumers.

Customer on December 26, 1986 Defense Act passed by Lok Sabha; So this day is celebrated as ‘National Consumer Day’; March 15 is known as ‘World Consumer Day’. Consumer law has not reached all levels of society.

State and Center for that Responsibility has been delegated to the government. Consumer Protection Boards have been set up at State and Central level and Consumer Protection Cells have been set up at District level.

The law became real for consumers; But since it has not reached the community, consumers are not taking advantage of it. Today, the consumer movement is trying to reach out to the general consumers through propaganda. Many people got poisoned by eating Varaichepeeth during Navratra festival.

Large quantities of artificial food There was poisoning. Food adulteration is common. Vegetables were also adulterated. Artificial colors, Adulteration using chemicals Is done. If the business community is playing with people’s lives for its own benefit without considering the interests of consumers, then they must be taught a lesson.

The younger generation in the society Things need to be looked at. For this, by constantly studying and going to all the strata of the society, gathering their experiences and giving them the direction of consumer interest, the law will not remain without constructive propaganda.

That is why the law is giving a voice of awareness to the consumers and is saying, ‘Consumer king, wake up.’ Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks