Doordarshan A Curse Hindi Essay | television curse essay in english

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Doordarshan A Curse Hindi Essay | television curse essay in english

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Doordarshan A Curse Hindi Essay | television curse essay in english


Doordarshan A Curse Hindi Essay | television curse essay in english

Hello friends, today we Doordarshan A Curse Hindi Essay
You will know essays on this subject. The present age is the age of scientific miracles. Scientific inventions have filled human life with happiness and prosperity. Doordarshan is also a great gift of science. It has had a profound effect on every aspect of our lives.

Doordarshan is the most popular means of entertainment and enlightenment. It is the best medium of education. Doordarshan is the best medium of advertisement for industrial establishments. Doordarshan is an important tool for overcoming the loneliness of human life.

But there is another side to the coin. The losses caused by Doordarshan are not less. First of all, our attention is drawn to the waste of time caused by Doordarshan. People waste a lot of their time getting entangled in the illusion of Doordarshan programs.

However, children, teenagers and housewives keep watching one serial after another. Sometimes people pay close attention to programs offered in languages ​​other than their own, even if they do not understand a single word.

Doordarshan has become a major attraction for children and adolescents. For the programs to be aired on Doordarshan, they completely neglect their education, sports, etc. This tendency of theirs has a very bad effect on their education.

They do not get good marks in exams or sometimes even fail. This stops their progress and sometimes they turn their backs on education forever.

The brains of children and adolescents are immature. Doordarshan programs have such fascination on their mind that they go and sit very close to its screen. Even after repeatedly explaining that it will make your eyes worse, they do not pay attention and stay close to Doordarshan.

Apart from this, children, teenagers and housewives consider the programs offered on Doordarshan to be true and according to them, they become intent on behaving in real life. This causes a lot of trouble and sometimes there is an earthquake in the domestic life.

The government has control over Doordarshan programs in this country. They are dull and boring for many reasons. So people g. T. V., Sony, C.V. O., likes to watch programs aired on Star Plus channels.

Cable has been provided in almost every house in the cities. With his help, children and old people all enjoy the programs aired by these foreign television companies. But the programs that come on these channels are often full of pornography and violence.

Sometimes their obscenity crosses the line and violent scenes make hair stand on end. It has an indelible effect on the minds of children and adolescents and they try to bring those scenes into real life.

Influenced by the scenes of the serial ‘Shaktiman’, many children have broken their limbs and some have even lost their lives. Doordarshan has created another new problem. Through this, people get entertained while sitting at home.

This has dulled their functioning. They cannot enjoy the small things of life. They are neither fascinated by the beauty of nature, nor can they appreciate it.

The sensitivity of the children and the youth has come to an end while watching the violent and violent programs. They are becoming indifferent to the environment of misery, suffering and injustice spread around them. But the importance of Doordarshan is increasing due to many reasons.

In such a situation, the organizers of Doordarshan should broadcast programs which are elegant, which do not hurt the Indian civilization and culture and which can guide the people properly. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.