Doordarshan Essay Hindi | television essay in english

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Doordarshan Essay Hindi | television essay in english

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Doordarshan Essay Hindi | television essay in english


Doordarshan Essay Hindi | television essay in english

Hello friends, today we Doordarshan Essay Hindi
You will know essays on this subject. Today, as a result of scientific and technological progress, industries and professions are growing very fast. With the availability of many types of facilities, the world’s population is growing at a steady pace. The pace of resource growth is much slower than this growing population.

The needs of the people today have also increased a lot and are constantly increasing. Man runs day and night to fulfill his needs. This has made his life mechanical and monotonous.

When he gets bored with the struggles of life, he starts looking for entertainment. It is also necessary, because entertainment gives him the strength to cope with life’s struggles.

There are many types of entertainment available in the modern age. Some of these instruments have been around since ancient times, such as dance, music, playing cards, chess, wrestling etc. As a result of scientific progress in the modern age, many new means of entertainment have also become available.

Radio, movie, television, video etc. are prominent among these means. Each of these instruments has its own importance, but due to its many features, Doordarshan has become the most important means of entertainment.

Doordarshan entertains us in both visual and audio forms. We can also watch and listen to programs on Doordarshan. At the same time Doordarshan is accessible in both urban and rural areas. About 80 percent of the people of the country watch Doordarshan programs.

Newspapers, magazines, books etc. also have a special place as a means of entertainment. But in a country where most people are illiterate, the utility of these tools is greatly diminished. In such a situation, Doordarshan has become the most important and useful means of entertainment.

Nowadays, many entertaining programs are offered on Doordarshan, such as Chitrahar, afternoon broadcast, etc. Some time ago, serials based on ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharat’ were shown on Doordarshan. He was appreciated all over the world. People were entertained by those serials,

He also got a glimpse of ancient Indian culture. From the serial ‘Chanakya’ presented some time back, people also got a glimpse of the political situation and civilization and culture of ancient India. Other entertaining programs of Doordarshan besides sports, sports, various types of serials, movies etc. are prominent. Apart from these, many channels have also started, on which various programs keep coming day and night.

But there is another side to the coin. Through Doordarshan, people’s house becomes entertainment while sitting. This dulls their functioning. The sensitivity of children and the younger generation almost disappears while watching programs full of violence and violence on Doordarshan.

Due to the programs of Doordarshan, there is a huge obstacle in the education of the students. Due to Doordarshan, it has become difficult to find time for serious thoughts of life. Nevertheless, the importance of Doordarshan as a means of entertainment is increasing day by day.

Industrial progress is accelerating. The population is constantly increasing. Forests of cement and concrete are growing as cities. The loneliness of people’s lives is increasing. In such a situation, the importance of Doordarshan as a means of entertainment is also increasing. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.