Doordarshan Shaap Ki Vardan Essay in English Doordarshan Shaap Ki Vardan Essay in Marathi

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Doordarshan Shaap Ki Vardan Essay in English Doordarshan Shaap Ki Vardan Essay in Marathi

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Doordarshan Shaap Ki Vardan Essay in English Doordarshan Shaap Ki Vardan Essay in Marathi


Doordarshan Shaap Ki Vardan Essay in English Doordarshan Shaap Ki Vardan Essay in Marathi

Hello friends, today you have the blessing of Doordarshan Shaap We will look at Marathi essays. In our India, 70% of the people are illiterate. This is a very serious problem. While overcoming its backwardness in many respects, India is facing many challenges as it progresses towards comprehensive reforms on par with other nations of the world.

The illiteracy of the majority of the people in the country This is such a daunting challenge. The government has taken steps for that. Schooling has been made compulsory. Adult education classes have started. Experiments with non-formal education have begun.

In this ambitious project of public education The importance of the media cannot be underestimated. If the new winds of knowledge are to reach the corners of the country and the valleys, then there is no other useful tool like the media.

Available in terms of public education Television is a very effective medium in the media. Literacy is required to read newspaper information and ideas. Newspapers cannot go to the very bottom as there is not enough education and dissemination as required.

The medium of radio is more than that Effective. Various advanced knowledge and thought speeches, dialogues etc. It is an important tool for reaching out to people in a variety of ways. But neither of these will come to the forefront of television.

Television is an audio-visual device As such, it has the dual facility of watching and listening to programs on it. As the pictures on television are moving, a touch of reality can be given to these programs. The atmosphere of watching live events can be created in a television program.

Filmed sometime before in the movie You get to see the events that have taken place. It is convenient to watch the event on television. Television has made it possible to watch events happening anywhere in the world, even at that time, at home in any part of the world.

Prime Minister of the Commonwealth Be it a speech or a cricket match played at Lord’s ground in England. We can sit comfortably in the house. In this sense, television is a more effective tool than film.

Television in our country Admission is a very recent phenomenon. As far as our Maharashtra is concerned, its history can be traced back to the inauguration of Doordarshan Kendra in Mumbai on October 2, 1972. At present, television can be used in cities within 100 miles of islands around Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur.

But more in the near future The government has announced to set up launch stations in many places. Therefore, there is a possibility that Doordarshan will soon spread to all the villages of Maharashtra.

Doordarshan in public education program It is very useful. Through it, the citizens will be able to understand the world events and their importance from their point of view. Citizenship rules, various problems facing the country and solutions to them, new discoveries in science, various miracles in creation,

Various on the backs of the world There is no other effective tool like television to inform the citizens about the various aspects of human life and make them knowledgeable and responsible citizens.

Television is just entertainment An equation seems to have become the norm for us. Our people are still not convinced that there is something to watch on television beyond movies, movie songs, plays, song programs, series, many channels. So the enlightenment program started that we are ready to close the television set.

Just for fun If television is to be used, instead of showing the above-mentioned benefits, there is a fear that people’s lives will be polluted. The pair of television sets are called VDOs. The sets have now arrived. Entertainment on television is inadequate and now VDO

With the help of the set it will feel like an event It’s time to dump her and move on. Although the unpopular program started on television, V.D.O. With the help of the set, people are now watching the programs they like.

All with the lust of such disguised entertainment Society has been devoured. Therefore, the objective of public education has lagged far behind. Now is the time to wake up this society in time and get rid of this extra addiction to television.

Because of watching television programs closely It hurts the eyes. Constantly sitting in front of a television set reduces body movement. This leads to physical complaints due to lack of exercise. Worse still, people’s social lives are coming to an end.

Meetings used to be crowded, Now it rarely seems so crowded. The children used to go to the playground in the evening. Today, however, the hustle and bustle at the stadium is much less. People would go out in the evening to meet each other and chat. But today he is sitting with his head on the television.

So to go to each other’s house Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. All the men were confined to their own four-walled house, confined to a lifeless box. Therefore, social life has been damaged. The way out of all these calamities must be found in time.

The government also understands its duty Proper planning of programs to be given to the people should be done. Combining the costs and objectives of television should create a mechanism to broadcast new enlightening programs as efficiently as possible.

Television is a tool no matter what Is. Only when it is used properly will its desired uses be seen. If misused, it can be harmful. It is up to us to decide whether television is a curse or a blessing. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks