Dowry A Social Curse Essay | essay on dowry a curse in english

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Dowry A Social Curse Essay | essay on dowry a curse in english

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Dowry A Social Curse Essay | essay on dowry a curse in english


Dowry A Social Curse Essay | essay on dowry a curse in english

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I was slowly walking home from the market. In all this, I saw a huge poster of a Marathi movie. I was shocked to read the name of that movie. The cycle of thoughts in the mind began to revolve fast. Know, what was the name? The name was – ‘Mulgi Jhali Ho!’ Hey! The girl is born!

Today, economic inequality in our country has reached its peak. On the one hand there is the class of Lakshmiputras, on the other hand there is a large community of poor and resourceless people. But there is a striking resemblance between the two classes. That is – dowry! If the vampire of dowry forces the bride to poison in the skyscraper, then even in the dilapidated tin hut he makes the daughter-in-law helpless to die.

Fear of this dowry-like vampire makes the parents tremble as soon as the girl is born and the relatives say in a despairing tone- ‘Mulgi jhali ho!’

In ancient times, the father of the bride used to give clothes, ornaments, etc. to the bridegroom with reverence on the occasion of the bride’s marriage. It was called ‘Stri-Dhan’. At that time women had equal place in society. Over time, women’s education declined due to various reasons.

The woman who was considered to be the half-brother of the husband, now gradually became a burden for him. There was a need to persuade the bridegroom to marry the girl. The amount of money kept for the purpose of persuading the bridegroom had to be increased to carry the burden of subsistence of the bride. Gradually this practice took the form of dowry.

The practice of dowry has taken a terrible turn in the second half of the twentieth century. On the blind imitation of western countries, indulgent culture is spreading uninterruptedly in our country also. In the minds of the people there is an intense longing to get luxury items like color television, fizz, motorcar etc.

People want to take advantage of Kanyapaksha’s compulsion to get these items. They see the only way to fulfill their aspirations is to take advantage of Kanyapaksha’s compulsion and forcefully get the desired objects from her.

On the occasion of marriage, such demands are made in the name of dowry on behalf of the bridegroom that the diseases of the bride stand. If the people of Kanyapaksha are compelled to fulfill the demands of Varapaksha in any way, then they are burdened with debt.

Sometimes the people of Kanyapaksha agree to give the items demanded in the dowry, but they are not able to give them. This condition proves fatal for the girl.

Even after marriage, the demand for dowry from the groom remains. The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. If, despite persecution, she is unable to bring the desired dowry.

So he is forced to poison, burn or commit suicide in some other way. Sometimes helpless brides are burned. Thus the practice of dowry has assumed a frightening form of social curse today.

Earlier people imagined that with the spread of women’s education, the dowry system would gradually come to an end. Now women’s education has spread enough. But the horror of dowry has increased even more. In the educated society, it has assumed a very terrible form.

The government has enacted anti-dowry laws. Many women’s organizations are also trying to eradicate this practice. Many social service organizations are also working in this direction. But the vampire in the form of dowry-practice is badly gripping the entire Indian society. It is necessary to make the young generation aware to eradicate this ruthless practice.

When will that day come? Now it seems that unless a great personality like Rammohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Dayanand Saraswati, Jotiba Phule or Mahatma Gandhi is reborn and changes the ideology of the whole society, it is impossible to get rid of the social curse of dowry. Is. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.