Educated Unemployed Marathi Essay | Essay on well-educated unemployment in Marathi

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Educated Unemployed Marathi Essay | Essay on well-educated unemployment in Marathi

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Educated Unemployed Marathi Essay | Essay on well-educated unemployment in Marathi


Educated Unemployed Marathi Essay | Essay on well-educated unemployment in Marathi

Hello friends, today you are educated unemployed We will look at Marathi essays. One problem today is that India is on the threshold of the 21st century. In today’s age of privatization, liberalization and globalization, India is international The stage is becoming the center of attraction of the whole world. The focus of its developmental progress is on tomorrow’s educated, cultured citizens and today’s youth.

Of today’s information and technology The problem facing the age is well-educated unemployed! ‘Does anyone work?’ Such outcry is still rampant today. Today’s young class is in the same situation as Belwalkar in the play Natsamrat was struggling for a house.

What is the use of learning? No jobs Such pessimistic tones are always heard. The fact is that 40 million people in India are unemployed. Their overall tone seems to be that the crisis is due to lack of jobs. The number of graduates and highly educated people in India is in the millions.

These congregations took degrees upon degrees But it is a pity that they do not have a job. This is a question mark for the nation. Many of these well-educated people come out in large numbers. Then their constant pipe continues. Applying for various companies, going for interviews, giving exams in various forms like governmental or non-governmental, their life is going on but nothing is really scary.

Educated people have quality education So why this unemployment anyway? There is a really big question mark. The unemployment rate among science graduates is 63%. The number of graduates leaving every year is 63%. According to a comprehensive survey conducted by McKinsey, factories in India will need 7.3 crore skilled workers by 2015.

450 to 500 in Indian Airlines by 2015 With the arrival of the new aircraft, an additional 2,000 pilots will have to be recruited to operate it. Considering other positions like Flight Dispatchers and Maintenance Engineers Recruit a total of 10,000 employees in 4 years Have to do in the field. But it is unlikely that such a large number of skilled workers will be available.

This is why the development of this sector There is a strong possibility that the limit will fall. Also, the telecom industry is growing at a huge rate of 70% per annum. There will be a lot of space in the telecom engineering sector. According to the above statistics, there is no shortage of seats. Educated unemployed?

From this it is evident that these 4 The fact is that millions of unemployed people have graduated but they do not have the intelligence and quality required for jobs. To be precise, there is quantity but not quality. Therefore, 80% of the candidates who applied for higher jobs are rejected.

For these well-educated professionals And technical education is a need of the hour. They need to use their ingenuity wisely to survive in the face of intense competition and to strengthen their mentality.

They should make this statement meaningful. Young people should constantly struggle without being satisfied with the publicity they get in a moment. Ambedkar says. If educated people practice ‘Learn, Organize and Struggle’, you will not have to carry the label of unemployment.

Many parents in the village They teach children by pinching their stomachs. What is it for? So these same educated children are going ahead and working for the job by tearing down the thresholds of the manufacturers so that they can make their children work hard without living a life like ours.

What’s on your mind Of Tande Tande is wandering around idle, wandering, swollen feet, in some places, all the voices are drowned out by the rumble of money. As much as Ashalbhut will touch Bekar’s throne, it is freezing the blood of the lucky and youthful despairing caregiver like ice.

When will Bhasa pay off all illusions? Because the monster of unemployment makes the wild beautiful dreams of life? ‘ In some places, those who have come to try their luck have come to realize that there is no work without ‘Vasilya’. Somewhere, Swami Vivekananda’s successors should not waver in such unemployment and awaken with the realization of their own power and divinity. ‘Man making is my mission of life I never make plans, plans grow & work themselves’

Or the revelation of Vivekananda’s statement If the common man is to be brought to life, then the problem of unemployment before the nation will not be delayed for a moment. Unemployment is a curse to society There is no doubt that only well-educated people can do this. They should adopt practical and vocational education without being an examinee.

How much work you do in actual work Since candidates are evaluated on the basis of Gajavata, they need to improve their work ethic, perseverance, perseverance and quality of work rather than how many degrees they have taken. In your own wrist

Without recognizing the power and sitting still We have to keep moving forward. ‘Charati charati bhagah’ is the same bhag as he walks; I mean luck shines .. The word ‘Life is a movement is life’ should be memorized by the educated It is a part of staying in the tank. It is up to them to unleash their intellect.

‘If you stop, you will not reach, unless you reach Will not stop. ‘ Having said that, the work done by the well-educated should be done diligently and enthusiastically, keeping in view the times. The youth must unite to stop this The voice should be raised. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks