Effects of Cable TV on Society Hindi Essay | Hindi essay on the effect of cable TV on society

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Effects of Cable TV on Society Hindi Essay | Hindi essay on the effect of cable TV on society

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Effects of Cable TV on Society Hindi Essay | Hindi essay on the effect of cable TV on society


Effects of Cable TV on Society Hindi Essay | Hindi essay on the effect of cable TV on society

Hello friends, today we are the society of cable TV Effects will know essays on this topic. The media has always played an important role in social, political and economic changes. While the medium of printing was the greatest need for colonial expansion, it also became the greatest weapon against colonialism.

Today, communication is an extension of neo-colonialism And the most important means of protest is the electronic medium. One picture is equal to one thousand words. In such a situation it is more effective than any other medium.

Where these mediums of the nation and their inhabitants While cultural ego is damaged, this medium is the most powerful means of public education under government control.

Like India from attacks like Hollywood and Wall Street
Will an underdeveloped country be able to protect its cultural heritage? In such a scenario, the cultural explosion of multinational companies in India through cable TV is unimaginable.

It is known that the fast growing middle class in India Expanding. For this reason, the eyes of all foreign consumer goods makers are on this country-made consumer market.

In fact the vitality of the media in today’s age
It is contained in advertisements. The success of the program lies in the producer holding and holding the ad, as the ads depend on the number of viewers i.e. viewership ratings.

It is a matter of course, rather than the number of spectators
There will be more in light entertainment programs of purposeful programs. Therefore, viewers are more interested in light foreign programs aired by Cable TV.

The world’s leading cable TV
. Star TV – This is actually a Hong Kong-based organization whose full name is – “Satellite Television for Asian Regiment (STAR),” which is affiliated with Hong Kong’s Hutch Vision.

This organization is a satellite called Asia-SAT
Is broadcasting TV programs in about 40 countries up to the southern region of Asia. Star TV has spread the BBC’s news service all over Asia. It does not take more than a second for the program broadcast from England to reach India.

Its program Dish Antenna in India
Which are being broadcast in India on C-Bad. Star TV is broadcasting its programs in India for free and covers its expenses from advertisers.

Star TV broadcasts on 5 channels Happening- (i) MTV (Music TV), (ii) Prime Sports, (ii) BBC World Service, (vi) Entertainment and (v) Chinese Channel. It is operating as the largest satellite TV broadcaster in the Indian subcontinent, renting a Russian satellite and attempting to deliver 8-10 hours of Hindi programming. The Indian audience has been dazzled by the brilliance of Star TV’s captivating programs.

An accessible way to cable broadcasts Opened, that is the advertisement of cigarettes and alcohol – which is difficult for the government to control.

The effect of ads so far All the social surveys show that these advertisements have been the biggest hand in presenting women as consumer goods, increasing crime and drug addiction and violating moral and social values,

Not so with these products
The advertising budget is higher than the advertising budget of any other product.

While these ads are more gorgeous and Are communicative. For these reasons, broadcasters can provide adequate funding for program production.

Therefore, the country needs such means There are those who are conducive to the regional needs and their culture, but the Bhagirathi of culture will now flow from above. Yes, it is certain that this commodity called high culture will be displayed in villages, towns and cities. It is beyond the power of the government to include elements of public education in this material.

The impact of these ads is greatest
It can be seen on children and housewives. People are turning to multinational artificial attractive consumer goods. With the awakening of artificial aspirations, the tendency of corruption among the citizens is also increasing.

Invasion of cable television in India The effect of is visible in many areas, but it is playing with the mentality of children the most. Government Doordarshan is appalled by the popularity of cable, but because of this, school children have forgotten about their studies and enjoyment of sports.

Kids don’t play that much anymore. Cable is not giving them time even for other things of their interest. The cable does not even give parents the opportunity to know what the children are doing, what they are watching and what they are learning, the children are left alone.

Kids, the things to show on TV
Are unloading in your life. They try to talk like the characters in serials and movies, take their dialogues, act like them and fabricate stories like that. He also remembers his songs.

This crisis from cable TV is therefore many Increasingly, he brought foreign TVs into homes. Cable is not giving children time off for other things. There are many instances where when a child of four-five years is asked to recite a poem, he starts reciting rhymes of TV commercials.

Every effort is made to ensure that children watch TVMove away from 0 and they become sensitive towards their environment. But despite all this, it is not so easy to break the net of cable TV.

So the government needs Doordarshan
But for good serials and other programs, good corporations and companies should be contracted which can produce popular and attractive programs, so that the viewers forget to watch cable TV programs.

Second, if the children have TV or cable If good informative and enlightening programs are shown on TV then the bad effect on them can be reduced.

To make children realize this too They need to see what and how much, so that they can take enough time to play and read.

That is why children need time
To teach planning, so that they work by dividing their time for all tasks. However, the hope is that the electronic medium will one day prove to be the most effective weapon against this neo-cultural colonialism.