Environment and Human Life Marathi Essays | pariavaran ani manvi jivan essay english

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Environment and Human Life Marathi Essays | pariavaran ani manvi jivan essay english

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Environment and Human Life Marathi Essays | pariavaran ani manvi jivan essay english


Environment and Human Life Marathi Essays | pariavaran ani manvi jivan essay english

Hello friends, today we are talking about environment and human life We will look at Marathi essays. Environment is the geological view of the environment around humans or the factors that directly or indirectly affect the habitat of living things. Environment, forests, mountains, lakes, trees, water affect human life.

Earth is the only planet Is found. Therefore, the lives of human beings and animals are protected.

“Yavat bhumandalata dhate, sasalivankananam.

तावत् तिष्ठन्ति मेदिन्यां, संततिः पुत्रपौटृकी ।। ”

As long as there are mountains, forests, lakes on this surface As long as there are, your children and future generations will live happily ever after. The balance of the environment is deteriorating. The population is exploding.

Industrialization, urbanization, natural All of this has led to the reckless use of resources. It all happens out of human desire. Gandhiji would have said, “There is sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.”

Firewood, herbs, paper Large scale deforestation has taken place for bamboo, timber, raw materials required for industry, etc. Rainfall is also declining due to depletion of vegetation.

As a result, the country’s economy Tensions are rising. In July 2005, heavy rains lashed many parts of Maharashtra. Unrestricted human intervention in the river environment is a major factor behind this crisis. In a metropolis like Mumbai, after a record rainfall, there was no drive to save rainwater.

Success in the 21st Century This creation is stuck while traveling. In the flood of pollution! When physical, chemical, and biological changes occur in the atmosphere. Pollution is that which directly or indirectly eclipses human existence

Air, water, noise pollution Pollution is exacerbated by emissions from industrial plants, carbon dioxide from vehicles, and carbon monoxide.

Needless to say We call water life and it is the same water that pollutes through industrial waste, urban wastewater. But

“Pibanti river: Swayamev nambh :.

No own food or fruit trees.

That is, rivers do not drink their own water, Trees do not eat their own fruit, their life is only for charity. So how ungrateful is this man! That is what comes to mind. Ozone is like the soul of the earth! It helps keep the earth’s life and temperature stable.

But in the last few years ozone depletion The hole is beginning to appear. Some man-made gases are depleting the ‘ozone’ gas. Chloro carbon, freon gas, carbon tetra chloride, halogen gas are the enemies of ozone.

As well as the greenhouse effect Have to think mainly. The gases that cause global warming are called greenhouse gases. “In nature there are no rewards or punishments. There are only onsequences.”

To maintain the balance of the environment The first solution is to stop deforestation. And afforestation means taking inspiration from the Chipko movement of Sunderlal Bahuguna and creating awareness among the people. Also, joint planting of trees and crops on agricultural land, i.e. forestry, will help in balancing the environment.

As well as those grown in the atmosphere Carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees, which is called ‘carbon sequestration’. So planting trees and producing plants has become a fundamental issue.

Accessed February 16, 2005 The Kyoto Protocol has set limits on emissions for developing as well as developing countries. In a country like India, Umbar, Jambul and Wad are more suitable for ‘carbon sequestration’ than the fast growing trees like Eucalyptus subabhul.

As well as strict restrictions on pollution Should be implemented. Recently, some laws have been passed regarding the use of loudspeakers. It needs to be strictly enforced. It is important that air conditioners, refrigerators, watercolors and other appliances do not leak any air.

Otherwise even a small leak over time ‘May be responsible for ozone depletion. Sunita Narayan is the director of the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) in Delhi. The use of natural and liquefied natural gas as an alternative fuel is stabilizing in Mumbai and some other cities along with Delhi due to the efforts of CSE.

Of different measures Protecting the environment by implementation is beneficial for human beings and animals. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks