Essay on 21st Century India Essay on 21st century India year in Hindi

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Essay on 21st Century India Essay on 21st century India year in Hindi

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Essay on 21st Century India Essay on 21st century India year in Hindi


Essay on 21st Century India Essay on 21st century India year in Hindi

Hello friends, today we Essay on 21st Century India
You will know essays on this subject. Acharya Shriram Sharma, a writer of English literature, wrote a very interesting article about 25 years ago. Its title was ‘World of the 21st Century’. It was stated in the article that in the 21st century, human society will go through many stages of industrial development and reach the place where man will be zero and machines will be the best. He will reach the moon, search for twinkling stars in the sky, but through machines.

This will be the time when man’s entire conscience will be devoted to the machinations of the machine and man will remain a slave to the machines he has created in the last stage of development.

Fifty years ago, the famous poet Iqbal had deeply understood this situation and only then he was compelled to say – ‘Your Tehzeeb will commit suicide with his own dagger.’

As we envision the twenty-first century to come a decade later, Western nations have built robots of human size and instincts and are increasingly dependent on them.

The law of nature of change- Change is the law of nature. Nature changes its form every day. The leaves on the trees fall with the onset of spring so that new shoots sprout forth on the branches. Human nature is also changeable. It changes according to time and environment.

Changing India – India, with its centuries-old tradition and cultural heritage, is also setting the stage for continuous change. After gaining independence, India has climbed many steps of development. Certainly India today is not what it was at the time of independence. Like other developing countries, it is moving in the direction of change even today. Although his progress is extremely slow.

India has made specific changes in various areas of life and this process of change is ongoing. Although India lags far behind the western countries in terms of mechanization, it is believed that as it enters the 21st century, it too will become one of the developed countries.

21st Century and India – Whenever 21st century India emerges in the imagination, its two distinct ends appear. One of these is connected to the modern and scientific world while the other is compelled to move slowly with the two wheels of the wooden carriage.

Five year plans are being prepared with a budget of crores and billions of rupees. Through these every effort is being made in the direction of modernization in India, but the benefits of modernization could accrue to the majority of the country, we have not made such an arrangement yet, consequently such a situation may come in the 21st century. While a very small section of India is enjoying the most sophisticated means and facilities and a very large section is sitting on the rams of their fields, peeling grass for their animals from the eighteenth century weeds.

Imagine that in the 21st century, there will be a section of India who will order dinner at their table by pressing a button with just one finger of their hand and then clean the dishes by pressing a button with the finger of the same hand, sitting in their sleeping room By pressing a button with his finger, he will not only talk to his relatives or friends sitting abroad, but he will also be able to see them face to face.

The ultra-modern man of the 21st century will travel to the moon aboard fast-flying rockets and will be able to circle the entire universe and return home in hours or minutes. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Will mark on paper.

On the other hand, even that section of the country cannot be separated from the imagination of the twenty-first century, which will continue to wander helplessly to meet its minimum needs even after the next decade, and You must be welcoming the 21st century by thinking about the clothes you need to cover.

The 21st Century and Our Preparation – In fact, no one is thinking or wanting to think about how much we are prepared compared to the rich countries that are being talked about moving into the 21st century by imitating. We are in such a hurry to go into the 21st century, like no other country. As it will be seen there, the preference will be determined according to who came first and who came later. Those who come later will be excluded from that century. Maybe we feel that there is some ‘sim-sim’ that will open our destiny.

Hopes for development – Yet we are the inhabitants of an optimistic country. Based on our optimism, we can make some realistic assessment of the development of the coming century.

(A) In the field of agriculture- Our country is an agricultural country. Despite many efforts, we have not been able to give a complete scientific basis to our agriculture. There are still very few farmers who are able to use scientific methods and means of agriculture. But we can hope that by 20 years we will be able to export food grains while meeting the needs of our country.

(B) In the industrial sector- Our country is making continuous progress in the industrial sector. Along with Indian technology, we are constantly using imported technology. There is no dearth of natural resources in our country, there is a dearth of their proper exploitation. By the end of this century, we will be in a position to make full and proper use of these resources.

Certainly after the establishment of new and heavy industries by making sweeping changes in the methods of agriculture to change the thinking and mindset of the people.

By bringing our country will surely be able to create such pleasant conditions that every countryman here can lead a prosperous and comfortable life. We can be sure that by 2010 we will have reached a turning point in development, when no child in our country will go to bed hungry; There will be no body without clothes; There will be no family without a roof over its head. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.