Essay on Adarsh ​​Neta in Hindi Adarsh ​​neta par english essay

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Essay on Adarsh ​​Neta in Hindi Adarsh ​​neta par english essay

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Essay on Adarsh ​​Neta in Hindi Adarsh ​​neta par english essay


Essay on Adarsh ​​Neta in Hindi Adarsh ​​neta par english essay

Hello friends, today we Essay on Ideal Leader in Hindi You will know essays on this subject.

Human society is always in search of a rough leader. He wants to have a leader who will show him the way forward. Following which he got rid of difficulties and calamities.

Besides, the spirit of hero-worship also resides in the mind of man. He always cries out – Veerabhogya Vasundhara. This earth is the property of those who are heroes.

By taking advantage of these weaknesses of human beings, many incompetent people also become leaders. Some of them even put their followers in big trouble to prove their selfishness. For example, Hitler led Germany to destroy his country and set the whole world on fire in World War II.

But there are also some great leaders who care about the welfare of their country as well as of all humanity. They present great ideals to the world. Abraham Lincoln was such an ideal leader. He saved the United States from fragmentation and gave the world the gift of a very prosperous and powerful nation.

The ideal leader is a true benefactor of the people. He is always engaged in works for the welfare of the people with his mind, words and deeds. The ideal leader never considers his own or his party’s interest more than the interest of the people.

The first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was such a leader. The feeling of public interest was ingrained in his mind. That is why he could become the ideal leader of the people.

The ideal leader dedicates himself to the good of his nation. He is constantly looking for the path of progress of his country. If he has to sacrifice his body for the welfare of the country, then he is ready for it too. The late Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India, was such an ideal leader.

The ideal leader is hardworking. He presents the ideal of the importance of labor to his followers. He knows very well that his life is the property of the whole nation. No matter how many ideal leaders there have been in the world, all of them considered hard work as the key to success.

Leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Mao Zedong, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru etc. were extremely hardworking.

The ideal leader always expresses his intention only in measured words.

He knows that his party and sometimes the whole country may suffer the consequences of making unnecessary speeches or making false promises. In the same way, he always speaks in soft words. He does not hurt anyone’s feelings by using harsh words.

He lives beyond the distinction of high and low and does not try to erect walls of caste, color, etc. He respects all religions and never misleads his followers in the name of religion for his own selfish ends.

The ideal leader has a special inclination towards the poor and the weaker sections. He is courageous and fearless and never compromises at the cost of his principles. He is always ready to protect his self-esteem and considers self-reliance as the main basis of life. He keeps himself untouched by the vices prevailing in the society.

Which maintains the dignity of his personality. Such ideal leaders are memorable and admirable for us in the morning.

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