Essay on Atrocities on Women nari par atyachar essay in english

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Essay on Atrocities on Women nari par atyachar essay in english

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Essay on Atrocities on Women nari par atyachar essay in english


Essay on Atrocities on Women nari par atyachar essay in english

Hello friends, today we Essay on atrocities against women
You will know essays on this subject. The place of both men and women is equally important in human life. The household car has two wheels, male and female. If even one of these wheels is small or big, then the householder’s car stumbles. Experiencing this truth, sages, mystics, priests, poets and writers of India have enacted legislation to give high place to woman in the society.

In ancient times, many foreign women had gained considerable prestige in the society. Among these, the names of Gargi, Maitreyi, Shakuntala, Sita etc. have become memorable in the morning.

It is a great surprise that in this Indian society which considers women as revered, atrocities against women are increasing today. Pick up the newspaper of any day, you will find the horrific incidents of dowry sacrificing women, women being forced to commit suicide, unfortunates being raped. The whole society is trying to stop these heinous acts.

The government is making many kinds of laws, but the atrocities against women are increasing. What are the reasons for the increasing atrocities against Indian women? First take the women who are offered on the altar of dowry. In the second half of the twentieth century, in the blind imitation of western countries, hedonistic culture also started flourishing in our country.

Ordinary people are increasingly eager to get expensive consumer goods like color television, fridge, car. He sees the only way to make his wish come true – to get the desired items in the form of dowry from the bride in marriage.

Forcing the bride to bring these items from her mother-in-law after marriage if not found in the marriage. If persecution does not bring success, then forcing the bride to commit suicide or ending her own life.

He hopes that by remarriage he will be able to get the things he wants from Kanyapaksha. They also believe that even if they commit such crimes, they will not be punished by law. The whole life of the unfortunate women who are victims of rape is ruined.

As Indians are drawn to the materialistic civilization of America and the West,

The number of desperate and frustrated psychiatrists in the country is increasing. Such psychopaths resort to sexual offenses to get rid of their frustrations.

Illiteracy and superstition prevailing in our country also create criminal attitude. There are also many flaws in the laws that the government has made for the prevention of these crimes. Because of them, the culprit is acquitted. Due to this, atrocities against women are increasing in Indian society.

One of the major reasons for the increase in atrocities against women in Indian society is that they are uneducated or poorly educated. Even today the percentage of women education in our country is very low.

Due to illiteracy of women, they have to depend on the mercy of men. They do not have the courage to fight for their rights. As a result, they are deprived of their rights and silently endure all kinds of atrocities.

The flaws in the laws that have been enacted to prevent these atrocities against women must be rectified. Ancient Indian ideals need to be re-established to minimize the ill effects of hedonistic culture.

The new generation must be taught to respect human values. A sense of self-esteem must be awakened in the minds of women. They have to unite and teach to fight the oppressors and help other women in trouble. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.