Essay on change is the law of the world Parivartan hi sansar ka niyam hai in english essay

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Essay on change is the law of the world Parivartan hi sansar ka niyam hai in english essay

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Essay on change is the law of the world Parivartan hi sansar ka niyam hai in english essay


Essay on change is the law of the world Parivartan hi sansar ka niyam hai in english essay

Hello friends, today we Essay on change is the law of the world You will know essays on this subject. Mutability is the greatest religion of this creation, i.e. change in creation is natural, inevitable. Everything that has been created here has to end one day. The form we are fascinated to see today, in time it may be ugly, it may be unattractive.

Today the flower has its new aura And cheered with the scent, it must wither tomorrow. This change is the speed, the life. If the flow of water stops, it becomes contaminated, it starts smelling bad. For its cleanliness, its constant flow is the only credit.

The variability of life अपने your life This change in the general behavior of is very clearly visible. What is today will happen tomorrow. It is not necessary. This is why this world is called dynamic. If this statement is researched in reality then it is clearly related to human behavior. The person living his happy days thinks nothing but sees nothing but happiness but he should understand the reality and ephemerality of life and search for the inner truth.

Inequality of days – every day of life It is not the same. Sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow, somewhere birth, somewhere death. Thus human life is dynamic between two opposing situations. The poet Sumitranandan Pant has written about the variability of life

Just now the crown was tied and the hands of turmeric were not even open yesterday

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Stopped here, the world became vermilion embers

Vatahat latika he sukumar padi hai chhinnadhar.

In these lines Pant ji shared the joys and sorrows of life
There is a very poignant depiction of Ankh-Michauni. It is true that not all days in human life are the same and they change according to the circumstances.

The philosophy contained in the utterance – specific to this utterance Life-vision is expressed. Man lives in this world. He does not live alone. Many other people come into his life. He has to decide his behavior by taking care of the behavior of others. In such a situation one has to give up his ego for normal living. Because in the state of ego the person cannot establish harmony with other persons of the society and in the absence of harmony his advancement is not possible.

This statement teaches us to be proud
Should be eradicated. Humans should not have a sense of pride in their minds because of their position. He should understand that if he is in a post today, he may have to resign tomorrow. Thus this statement teaches the renunciation of ego and pride.

A sense of broad parity – when we do this
Assuming the principle that not all days are the same, we cooperate in promoting broad equality. The vision of considering someone small or big disappears. There is no difference between big and small. If we accept that in the world Pada, Lakshmi etc. are all unstable, changeable, then we will use them as means, not as doable. On this basis, the spirit of equality will be awakened and many kinds of conflicts will be reduced.

An example from the Mahabharata-In the Mahabharata there is a story about Acharya Drona and Drupada. This narrative sheds light on the principle of this statement. Dronacharya was very poor in his early days. His classmate was Drupada Raja. Once Dronacharya with his wife went to King Drupada to alleviate his financial woes.

Dronacharya referred to his friendship. To this King Drupada replied that what kind of friendship between rich and poor? Dronacharya did not like this and they left sad. After some time Dronacharya with the help of Pandavas defeated Drapad and established equal friendship by taking half of the kingdom. From this narrative it becomes clear that we should not be arrogant and also that not everyone’s day is the same, change in these is natural. Time and endurance – written by the poet Rahim

Rahiman sat quietly, looking back at the day.

When good days come, don’t delay.

The essence of life is hidden in this statement of Rahim.
He is of the opinion that when the days are not good, misfortune is hovering around us, success is running away from us then we should become more and more tolerant. Patience ends painful days. With the passage of time, bad days come to an end, good days come, all the bad deeds of a person become.

How meaningful is this statement of Rama regarding the pros and cons of time

पश्य लक्ष्मण कालस्य प्रतिकूलानुकुलताम्

Vanvase Pita Hetu: Samudratarne Shila.

That is, look at Lakshmana, it is all the pros and cons of time. When evenIf it was unfavorable then our father sent us to the forest. Now the time is favorable so the stone has started floating on the water.

Timelessness and worry-freeness when we talk about it Knowing well that time is changeable, if conditions like today do not happen in future then we should stop worrying about disaster. It seems that this statement would have been made only in relation to the miserable and destitute persons. For them, this statement is a statement of patience. This statement gives them the message not to worry. When there are no good days, there will be no bad days.

Thus we are fully aware of this fact
That life and time are changeable. Given the change of time, we should live our life free from ego. In bad days, this formula conveys hope in our mind and inspires us to become karmic. On this basis we must always remember the formula that ‘change is the law of the world.’ Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.