Essay on Cottage Industry kutir udyog par essay

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Essay on Cottage Industry kutir udyog par essay

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Essay on Cottage Industry kutir udyog par essay


लेखात समाविष्ट केलेल्या गोष्टी हे लपवा

Essay on Cottage Industry kutir udyog par essay

Hello friends, today we Essay on cottage industry
You will know essays on this subject. A total of 2 essays are given in this article which you can read one by one. India ranks second in the world in terms of population. Besides, the population here is growing very fast. In this country with huge population, cottage industries are very important in terms of providing employment to more and more people.

People working in cottage industries Most belong to the same family. The use of electricity as energy in this industry is minimal. It requires less investment and the finished goods are sold in the local market.

Cottage industries in India in ancient times Were very developed. By the middle of the eighteenth century, the muslin, cashmere shawls and rugs of Dhaka made in India were famous all over the world. The industries of making silk cloth, ivory goods, gold ornaments, copper-brass utensils etc. were running very loudly all over the country.

Sati-silk garments, shawls, made in India, Carpets etc. were also in great demand abroad. But during the British rule, Indian goods had to compete with cheap goods made by English machines. The trade policy and economic policy of the British government proved fatal for the Indian cottage industry. Due to these reasons, the cottage industries of India declined very fast.

Cottage in an agricultural country like India
Industries have special significance. Although the ‘Green Revolution’ has greatly increased agricultural production and raised the living standards of farmers, the importance of cottage industries in rural areas remains.

Also population in rural areas So it has increased, but employment has not increased in proportion to it, which has increased unemployment. To solve this problem of unemployment, our government is making special efforts for the development of cottage industries.

Complete or people by cottage industries They will get part-time work, which will increase their income and will also raise their standard of living.

Very little capital to run a cottage industry Is needed, so there will be no special economic burden on the government. All that is needed to run this industry is simple technical knowledge and local art skills.

Cottage industry supplementary occupation of farming
Also prove to be beneficial in form. Thus, cottage industries can provide a solid foundation to the economy of rural areas. .

Hand looms in rural areas of India
But cottage industries like weaving cloth, making cane goods, making bamboo things, bee keeping, raising chickens, making carpets, knitting blankets etc. should be started.

Making pottery in other industries, Carpentry, blacksmithing, oiling, making leather goods, making ropes, making bricks etc. are prominent. Making jewelery, making leather goods, carving on wood or ivory goods, making brass utensils, making toys, making silk cloth etc. can also be done in industrial cities.

Development of cottage industries in our country
There are also some obstacles in the way of. Often cottage industries do not get regular supply of raw material or have to buy it at high prices. In the absence of required capital, operators of cottage industries have to resort to co-operatives or brokers.

Cottage industries due to lack of capital
Does not get the benefit of new improved devices. In these industries, new fashion items cannot be prepared according to the changing interests of the people. It is difficult to find a market for finished goods.

Manufactured on machines in large factories They have to compete with the cheap goods made. Due to these obstacles, satisfactory progress of cottage industries is not possible.

Them for the development of cottage industries Must provide stable and scientific basis. We have to increase their productivity and competitiveness. Then cottage industries will be able to become financially self-sufficient and through their products, the people of this country will get a chance to show their art and skills. Forget it thank you

Essay 2

Essay on Cottage Industry kutir udyog par essay

Role – India is an agricultural country.
Here nature has given natural form to the three types of seasons, summer, rainy and winter. In these seasons the people of the village do their work according to the time, but they also have some time left. That time cannot be used properly as before.

Must find a few months in the 12 months of the year
So that they can make their overhead expenses a success. Their essential needs are met by farming but it is becoming difficult for them to manage their needs.

Due to this most of the rural countryside
Go away and some of them come back suffering, some uneducated people spend their life working for wages and some educated people spend their life wandering here and there and doing some babugiri or something like that. .

They get misery instead of happiness
And is seen losing in the struggle of life. The load has increased significantly in the cities. Thus cottage industries have proved useful in avoiding these difficulties. Especially for India, their importance may be more.

Need background in cottage industries A background is required for each task. The background of cottage industries is very high in India. The rural people here are poor but they maintain a sense of contentment. He is not afraid of work according to the time.

Thus here for the cottage industry Good background. Five things are essential for an industry – land, labor, organization, capital and courage. All these things are easy for cottage industries in villages.

The people of the village had such a multiplicity
There are all kinds of people in it from time to time, if they get the facility to work in the cottage industry, they can run it. Cottage industry is essential for them. They are also useful according to the economic and social condition of the countryside.

Nature of cottage industries – Cottage industry

Those are the productive businesses which can be run by a few men in a small space with little capital. The industry which can run in the hut is called cottage industry.

Flour mill, rug, blanket and
Running a sack business, making cloth, making jaggery, cutting ropes, making shoes, making combs. Making mats, installing machines, running a native sugar factory, running a table and chair factory etc. are called cottage industries.

General in running these industries
It takes capital. Land and raw materials are arranged from the village itself. In this, men seem to be less, educated rural youth can work by getting necessary training for an industry.

While doing these small industries If given opportunity, they also help in farming. In the same way, they are living their lives working peacefully. There will be simplicity and naivety in their life. People can earn money for their overhead expenses by working with the meager capital of cottage industries.

The goods that will be ready belong to the country Industrialization will help, people will have less mental distress, secondly, the average income of the masses will increase. Therefore, their standard of living will also rise, which will mean increase in the national income of the country and progress of the country.

The problem of unemployment will be solved easily. Rough industries will open in many places and work hard and the educated class of the countryside will focus on construction and they will get employment which will reduce unemployment and create less political complications.

Will help in building the country, country The money will remain in the country. The standard of rural population will be higher than this. They do not have to worry about their daily needs. Fickleness will not come in their mind, which comes naturally in cities.

Thus living in a calm environment
They can make progress. They will develop culture. There will be many such qualities. The government assists in the upliftment of cottage industry as required. These cottage industries cannot function without the help of government.

This help is like a tool, Like the directors and in the form of precise placement. Machines for government essential industries, which are low cost, are given to the public, but Their responsibility rests with one person. He guides them under his protection and direction and he himself is responsible for their gains and losses. From this fair price of machines is levied on installments.

So that their co-workers Use according to the time. In this way those industries can be expanded. Where there is industry, electric machines are also given and education is given in the villages to operate them,

So that he succeeded in that taskAnd I could. The bricks of goods produced from such industries are mostly sold by the villages and which the government should get in its survey. They are determined by charging a price. To such industries By keeping the government under its control Awaken the spirit of competition in and give encouragement so that they can originate.

Cottage industry freely to the public
Should be facilitated by the government. This will further the cottage industry and will also provide benefits. Fortunately, this time the government has paid more attention to it. Wealth and machines have been given to many human beings, which is constantly increasing the production of the country.

Cottage industries on the economy of the country
Impact of – The progress of cottage industry will have an effect on the public that they will get education. They will have self-reliance. They will get their work done right for years. With their support, both farming and cottage industries will be more useful to each other.

People will continue to work equally And their needs will continue to be met in time, so they will have less of animosity and they will not be able to go on the path of evils. They will stay in the village and life will go on a regular basis. Their family life will remain peaceful and happy.

They will stay in their family And take full advantage of their collective family. This will increase their love and faith of cooperation will remain. In our country special emphasis is being laid on the following cottage industries (1) Textile-spinning, weaving, sewing. (2) Oil-based industry. (3) Animal Husbandry- Bee keeping, Poultry keeping.

(4) Leathering, shoes Making, earning. (5) Wood and bamboo accessories. (6) Crushing rice, cleaning, making paper by hand, making matches. (7) Making medicine. Conclusion: In all countries and regions of the world, progress is made only through business. Agriculture cannot function without trade.

Large industries a certain range
They are only profitable till then but in the future they face the problem of unemployment and slowdown in work. The market problem arises for finished goods. Receipt of raw material is no less a hassle. Their food problem becomes serious.

The number of workers increases,
Which lowers their moral level. High emotions do not arise in them. India’s real prosperity can only come from the cottage industry. Cottage industries are in dire need in India. Hence cottage industry occupations Have proved to be important helpers. The advancement of cottage industries will be the advancement of the country. Friends, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.