Essay on Democracy in India Democracy in India Essay in Hindi

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Essay on Democracy in India Democracy in India Essay in Hindi

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Essay on Democracy in India Democracy in India Essay in Hindi


Essay on Democracy in India Democracy in India Essay in Hindi

Hello friends, today we have democracy in India
You will know essays on this subject. In some countries of the world, public opinion is neglected by democratic governments. In other words, in some democracies of the world, the wishes of the people are not taken into account when implementing policies.

In democracies, where the government Accountable to the public, it is not possible for it to ignore public opinion.

Such a democratic government that the referendum Disregards, loses its prestige in the public, but in modern times most of the world’s governments either suppress public opinion or keep the public in the dark of ignorance.

The famous philosopher Russell
In the essay Danger of Public Opinion, it has been made clear that public opinion poses a danger of unrest in the world. There may be different opinions in this regard. Due to this mutual difference of opinion, one person cannot assimilate the ideas of another person.

So he himself in such an arrangement in which
One person has to accept the other person’s opinion in a binding way, feeling restless or dissatisfied. But Russell’s argument may be true in one’s personal life, not in relation to the political system.

In countries where representative The government is, the elected representatives of the referendum must be accountable to the referendum.

Sometimes the government suppresses public opinion
Uses the oppressive regime for, but the experience of history in this regard shows that the more the public opinion is suppressed, the faster it emerges as a powerful mass uprising.

The suppression of public opinion by the government But the dissatisfaction of the people towards the ruling class increases and even after being widely publicized by the government, the opinion of the people towards the ruling class remains unchanged. Such

Anti-inclination of the public in the situation Towards parties. Therefore, public opinion cannot be easily suppressed. Public opinion is not created as a result of any one event or action but it is the result of complete expression of the political, social, cultural life of the oppressed masses by the ruling class.

Therefore, in such a situation, the government
It becomes an obligation to take into account the wishes of the people. The source of power of the government is the people, so no government can go against the will of the people. No government can crush the referendum.

Some governments satisfy the public by saying this
She may say that such acts are fatal for the national interest, but she forgets that the expression of national interest is only through public opinion.

According to Lord Bryce, the referendum There are generally three types of individuals involved in the creation. The first of these includes persons who, being members of the legislature, are involved in matters of public importance.

Such persons fall under the second category There are those who consider politics as a medium for the fulfillment of their interests. The third category includes people who, although not related to public affairs, are affected by the environment and family environment around them.

People of such class are generally high
Influenced by the ideology of political leaders. In addition, political parties also organize public opinion through propaganda etc.

The same goes for the press Plays its major role in the organization. In the modern age, there are three major means of organizing and expressing public opinion – educational institutions, cinema, association and legislature, etc.

But sometimes to express public opinion
These agents cause a lot of problems due to being morally unsuitable. Religious superstitions and bigotry, communal attitudes, lack of personal freedom, lack of education and political maturity etc. create obstacles in the organization of healthy public opinion.

In the present circumstances in India
There is an urgent need for a healthy referendum because the stability of democracy is based on healthy referendum only. But this is not the case with government.

Public or newspaper criticism of the government Will do. They can create obstacles in the work of the government, but in this regard it would not be inappropriate to say that this is the only means to control the real or autocratic activities of the ruling party.

In relation to newspapers in the modern age There is no denying the fact that they often do not fail to make a scapegoat of innocent people.

Most newspapers either Demonstrate the interest of a particular class or they are based on political bias, but still the news expresses public opinion.

Democratic system of government The expression of public opinion is extremely necessary. Generally, referendum refers to the public’s point of view on any controversial issue.

The expression of public opinion of different agencies
Occurs through. In the current situation in India, only healthy public opinion is needed to displace democracy and bring stability in it. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.