Essay on Duty | essay on duty in english

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Essay on Duty | essay on duty in english

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Essay on Duty | essay on duty in english


Essay on Duty | essay on duty in english

Hello friends, today we Essay on Duty
You will know essays on this subject. We were born in India. We eat grains, fruits etc. grown in the land here. Drink water from the reservoirs of this country. Breathe in the atmosphere here. The inhabitants of this country help in the formation and development of our personality.

In view of all these things, it becomes our ultimate duty to have a sense of gratitude towards our country. We must always be ready to sacrifice our body, mind and money for the progress of our country. We should consider patriotism as our greatest duty.

We should always remember that Janani and Janmabhoomi are greater than heaven – ‘Janani Janmabhoomishch Swargadapi Gariyasi.’ How to serve your country? Before we know this, we must know our country well.

The geographical extent of our country, the mountains located in it, the rivers, its climate, culture, civilization, the people living in it etc. are all ours and we are theirs. Therefore, it is our ultimate duty to serve our country and strive for the welfare of our countrymen.

Just as a building is constructed by mixing many bricks, in the same way that country or nation is built with the help of all the inhabitants of a nation. If all the inhabitants of a nation perform their duties then they can serve the country in the true sense.

We are good citizens of India, consider from the point of view what is our duty and how can following it lead to national service? In our country there are people who believe in different religions. Many languages ​​are spoken in this country.

People living in different parts of the country wear different types of costumes. Significant differences are also found in their customs. Despite all these variations, we are all bound by the thread of unity. For the progress and development of this vast country, it is very important for this formula of unity to be strong. It can only happen,

When there is brotherhood among all the citizens here and they live together wisely. For this, it is necessary that we have a sense of respect towards all religions and sects and follow the principle of ‘Sarva Dharma Sambhav’. This will maintain peace and order in our country and the country will continue to move forward on the path of progress.

Our country has a democratic system of governance. Due to its huge population, this country is considered to be the largest democracy in the world. For the success of this democratic system of government, we must fully abide by the constitution of this country. The constitution of our country has handed over power to the people.

Every person of this country should give his full support in making the democracy of this country successful and make it strong.

There has been a lot of illiteracy in our country. Despite all efforts, even today the literacy rate has reached only 65.38. It is our duty to make as many people as possible literate, so that they may advance themselves and also contribute to the progress of the country. This will also help a lot in eradicating religious hypocrisy, superstitions, customs etc. spread in our country.

Laws are made by the government for the economic and social progress of the country. It is our duty to abide by these laws. This will lead to greater progress of the country. We may not like some of these laws. In such a situation we

We must express our opposition peacefully, in accordance with the democratic system. One should refrain from breaking or ignoring the law. That will be our true national service.

There are many such examples in the history of the world, when the narrow sense of patriotism has proved to be very harmful for mankind. Who does not know the inhumane deeds of Genghis Khan, Timur Lung, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo etc.?

Therefore, it becomes our duty to consider national service or patriotism only as a means to benefit the entire human race and always keep the ideal of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ before our eyes. Only by fulfilling this duty will we be able to serve the country in the true sense. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.