Essay on Duty in Hindi | kartavya palan par english mein essay

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Essay on Duty in Hindi | kartavya palan par english mein essay

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Essay on Duty in Hindi | kartavya palan par english mein essay


Essay on Duty in Hindi | kartavya palan par english mein essay

Hello friends, today we Essay on Duty in Hindi You will know essays on this subject. Role-Duty-Man is a social creature. He lives in society. He cannot live without society. Man’s life cycle today is the result of his sociality. When human beings live with each other, then both of them have to take care of each other’s comfort, only then social life can go on.

Society can be formed only when more than one person has reciprocal behavior. The family is a unit of society. If we go further than this then tehsil and neighborhood area comes and various kinds of interrelationships continue among the people there.

Going beyond this, there is social life of the district, province and country. The most comprehensive form of this social life is world society. Thus the field of human life increases. As his area grows, so do his duties and rights. The proper fulfillment of the interrelationships in these different states is called dutifulness or dutifulness – thus man has many and extensive duties and man has to strive to follow them.

There are different forms of dutifulness and there are different ways of performing those duties. So the field of duty is getting wider. Certain duties naturally exist in the personal life of man. So today we receive their knowledge as tradition, as imitation, as teaching by the Gurus. Thus the duties of human beings are formed by themselves and they also change and evolve according to the country and time.

The person will have duties according to the larger the area. It starts from infancy. As the child gets information about his relationship, his duties also come to the fore which he has to fulfill within the limits of his place or authority.

We can divide the general duty into two forms, family and citizen. Special duties and rights are given to him by the society and by the state according to merit, he has to follow them properly. The third form of duty comes when it determines its duty to world welfare, thus the form of duty is determined.

The need for dutifulness – All human beings understand the need to perform duties. Dutifulness is required in one’s life. Dutifulness is required to lead a peaceful and happy life in the society.

If the people living in different places, different types of officials are not neutral towards their duty, then there will be chaos, cuts, misconduct and sins in the society and the life of the society will become a house of crises and human qualities will be destroyed. The more dutiful the people of the society, the more advanced the social life becomes. Therefore, it is necessary that in the absence of dutifulness, man becomes like an animal.

For example, if a person does not take care of his duties from childhood then his life becomes free from sorrows. As a result he disturbs his family and other concerned persons equally with his behavior and conduct. He spoils his childhood and deprives himself of his rights. Man gets rights only when he performs his previous duty properly.

Even if by mistake the society gives rights to a person who is dutiful, then the society first tries to make him dutiful and gives him an opportunity to become dutiful. If he fails to take advantage of this opportunity, he is freed or removed from his rights. A person who does not perform his duties properly in childhood is not eligible for future rights.

He who has not received education and initiation in his childhood will not get the placement qualification, therefore he will not get the position of responsibility. Thus he will again be deprived of the facilities he gets from the posts. The Prime Minister or the President of the country will be the person who has fulfilled the duties of his previous life with full competence.

A person always attains high positions by following the benefits-duties with dutifulness. This constantly increases his rights. Duty and authority are closely related. An ordinary boy starts moving forward by getting good qualifications while performing his duties. Gradually he begins to receive the love and support of his elders and his helpers begin to grow. As a result, his advancement begins.

As his field grows, his dutifulness also helps him according to the time period. In the same way that his dutifulness makes the primary school teachers his assistants, in the same way he gets assistants till the university, this quality also makes him an officer of high position. As long as he has a sense of duty. He moves on, and in the end leads a peaceful life, separated from his high position with respect and retiring. The opposite is the case with the person who does not walk the path of dutifulness properly. Thus the benefits of duty were also clearly manifested.

Effect of Dutifulness – This is a group which continues to increase the sense of duty in other members of the family by making the family life happy. In such families peace and happy atmosphere is created in the village and society. A sense of duty is also awakened in the officers. Dutifulness has a great effect on every individual and the whole society.

Epilogue-Dutifulness leads to the development of high emotion and advanced human qualities in man. If man is not dutiful then he is inferior to Pash. Dutifulness is necessary for human society, world brotherhood and world welfare. Friends, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.