Essay on Earthquake Marathi | Essay On Earthquake In Marathi

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Essay on Earthquake Marathi | Essay On Earthquake In Marathi

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Essay on Earthquake Marathi | Essay On Earthquake In Marathi


Essay on Earthquake Marathi | Essay On Earthquake In Marathi

Hello friends, today you are on an earthquake We will look at Marathi essays. Humans tried to overcome nature with the power of intellect; But many times nature has shown that there is a human being before nature. When nature is angry, he does not listen to anyone.

Like storms, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes Humans have to rely on natural disasters. There is no precedent for an earthquake. In an instant the ground begins to shake. The magnitude of the earthquake, its magnitude, and the extent of the devastation are known.

A volcano in the belly of the earth It burns and Shilaras comes out fast. The ground shakes rapidly. When the lava in the belly of the earth erupts out, its velocity is so great that it covers many kilometers of land. Huge boulders are thrown out with tremendous speed.

As well as groundwater Bounces out. There are huge cracks in the ground. Houses on the ground collapse, just like leaf houses. Often houses, buildings are buried across the ground. Earthquakes with weak shields are constantly destroyed by earthquakes. There is a risk of frequent earthquakes.

In 1993, there was an earthquake at Killari. Earlier, an earthquake shook Koynanagar. In Japan, there are always earthquakes. It is not possible to say when such an earthquake will occur. No advance notice is given. Suddenly the ground begins to shake. Destruction happens before we know exactly what happens.

This destruction is of a terrible nature. They don’t even know exactly where your people, your house, your belongings were. Heaps of stones everywhere. The water boils out so much that it feels like a flood.

Earthquakes are a double whammy. Before the eyes It wasn’t meant to be. It is unbelievable that this place was a beautiful city with happy families. They come out of the rubble, they are human corpses. That too is fragmented! Just haha ​​everywhere: car majato.

Someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone’s Many women, many men are buried in the belly of the earth due to the earthquake. Someone survived,

So he saw this destruction with his own eyes His mental balance deteriorates and he develops dementia. Extreme heat, dust, and large earthenware piles make it impossible for humans to survive. But the survivors become crippled, mad. Will be rehabilitated; But how will the departed soul come back? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks