Essay on Ideal Teacher in Hindi | adarsh ​​shikshak ki bhumika essay in english

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Essay on Ideal Teacher in Hindi | adarsh ​​shikshak ki bhumika essay in english

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Essay on Ideal Teacher in Hindi | adarsh ​​shikshak ki bhumika essay in english


Essay on Ideal Teacher in Hindi | adarsh ​​shikshak ki bhumika essay in english

Hello friends, today we are the ideal teachers You will know essays on this subject. In this article Total 3 essays Given that you can read one by one. Our education today has deviated from the expectation of those basic educational values ​​and is constantly moving away from it. Without which education is considered meaningless. The knowledge and values ​​that children used to learn in families, today parents want that too to be taught in schools. Families are changing their chemistry.

The race to achieve material achievements is intensifying. Mutual trust is declining. The results are constantly coming out. On the one hand people’s expectations are increasing and on the other hand their faith in education system is declining. It is true that good education needs good teachers because they are its axis.

When for a country of 100 crores If primary education will be arranged then surely finding the teachers required for it will be a big challenge.

Teachers who value their responsibility And understand dignity and assimilate it. The responsibility of teacher training institutes for training them and strengthening their values ​​will be multiplied.

Which of the following in teacher training? Attitudes should have abilities, skills, values ​​and multiplication that can make him an ideal teacher. It is believed that these three qualities, abilities, commitment and performance are enough to make a person a good teacher.

The main form to understand it 4 questions can be asked from- (1) Who teaches? (2) Whom to teach? (3) What to teach? (4) How to teach?

Every teacher should understand that context
And get acquainted with where he is teaching. No teacher can do his job smoothly without associating himself with the customs, economic status, cultural environment of the community there.

It is enough for a teacher to be competent No, he should also have commitment, respect and dedication to his work. This commitment should be visible in all their hypotheses towards children, towards society, towards teachers and towards human values.

This idea seals inside every teacher
It is necessary to be present that he has to constantly increase the quality of his work. A competent and committed teacher is able to perform his duties only if he understands the scope of his work and what he has to teach in the classroom.

Children outside the classroom but inside the school Has to develop many qualities. Out-of-school activities are not just about teaching, memorizing answers to questions, but also developing human qualities and values ​​through various activities with the children and the community.

The capacity of teachers here, What has been said about commitment and performance is not impossible or unattainable.

Universally accepted teaching
The method of is introduced to the teachers during the training period, but it is the teacher at the local level who decides what will be the format for any student or place, especially the teacher-student.

Elementary in most of the schools in the country
Most of the children who are coming for education come from families where conditions are not favorable, many programs keeping this in mind; Such as free lunch, book arrangement, uniforms to wear etc. are planned.

Now these for every teacher
Under the circumstances it is important to know what kind of environment the child he is teaching comes from and what is his special need?

Most schools in our country
In is the same today as we got from foreign rulers. Certainly the children who were at the center of the development of these systems were not the children of India. Today we need to know who the Indian child is, how he is and what are the requirements in his context of learning and reading?

Courses of education in the last five decades Many attempts were made to change. Curriculum changes must be continuous. No change can keep itself untouched by change.

This process has been started in the country at present
And this is also being discussed across the country. The points raised by the NCERT for discussion include the burden of backpacking, inclusion of local, regional and national contexts of the curriculum, assessment of human rights and duties, assessment of human rights and duties. , Introductions and interviews on human rights and human values, and points to enhance understanding of national unity and integrity,

Knowledge of all religions and introduction to it It will further help in the development of respect for all religions. It is also necessary to acquaint the children with the contribution made by Indians in the field of Indian thought and knowledge and science. This increases their confidence and connects them with the pride of their country.

Elementary education for all, adults The system of literacy, vocational education, use of new technology and reconstruction of the entire system of school education based on the ideologies and experiences and experiments born in India is necessary.

In the field of school education especially education
We are far behind in terms of universal remediation. For the rapid development that is taking place, it is necessary now that our country should make such efforts with all in the field of education which are practical and the results of which can be seen by us at the right time.

Education requires a different vision Is one that can simultaneously respect Indian dignity, pride, diversity and unity and strive to produce citizens who can develop the ability to fight ignorance and immorality like the freedom fighters and to engage in this sacrifice wholeheartedly. Be ready Therefore, our teacher has a special contribution in preparing good citizens of the country.

Essay 2

Essay on Ideal Teacher in Hindi | adarsh ​​shikshak ki bhumika essay in english

Student stage is the foundation of one’s life. If the foundation is strong, the building will be strong too. Only an ideal student can give a strong foundation to the building of his life. Vidya is the meaning (wealth) for the student. His first duty is to be alert and honest about his studies.

The ideal student does his duty Is always aware of The school is the temple of Saraswati for him. He goes to this temple regularly. When the teacher is teaching, he listens attentively.

If something doesn’t make sense to him If so, he humbly asks the teacher. He does the homework given in the school regularly. Sports are very important in school life. The ideal student never steals from sports. He is also ahead in school sports. Not only that, He also leads the school cricket team, football team or any other team.

Ideal student with full dedication and hard work Studies from, but he is not a bookworm. He enthusiastically participates in the school’s cultural trends. He also showcases his talents in acting, music, painting, oratory etc.

School competitions
He is also rewarded. He also cooperates according to his power in social service works. The character of the ideal student has the fragrance of modesty, restraint and virtue. He has respect and humility towards his elders.

Simple life and high thoughts’ Is the motto of his life. He follows discipline. He is never proud of his achievements. He is always ready to help his peers. He knows how to use his time wisely. He does not waste his precious time in vain gossip.

He always stays away from addictions. He keeps increasing his knowledge by reading newspapers and good magazines. He does not accept being a coupe. Thus the intense longing for enlightenment, Regularity, simplicity, discipline, restraint, modesty, discretion, The ideal student is the one who possesses virtues like obedience, virtue, equanimity, enthusiasm and ambition.

Today’s polluted, uncultured environment
It is difficult to be an ideal student in India, but it is also certain that only ideal students can make the future of the country beautiful. Only they can become the true sons of Bharatmata. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting. And don’t forget to read the second essay given below. Thank you.

Essay 3

Essay on Ideal Teacher in Hindi | adarsh ​​shikshak ki bhumika essay in english

From ancient times the teachers of the Nation Builder
Respect has been given. Plato and Aristotle in Greece, Vashishta and Vishwamitra in India were given place after kings and princes. Even in modern times we have Dr. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Teachers like Zakir Hussain and Professor Yashpal have existed.

Who with their profound knowledge
Not only Indians but also foreigners have benefited. His words were like law to the disciples. But it must be remembered that he was an ideal man, prudent and pious, who always thought of the welfare of others throughout his life.

Teachers are the salts of the earth.
When the teacher becomes weak or corrupt then the society completely collapses. They are the lamps that remove the darkness of society, they are like a beacon that keeps the wandering ship away from the dangerous rocks.

An ideal teacher of your subject
Is a scholar. He spends his days in the business of education. He is always hungry for new information and research on his subject. He reads letters and magazines that provide him with the latest information. For him, the library is like a temple.

Your to an ideal teacher
Disciples have the art of teaching difficult subject by making it simple. He understands the difficulties of his disciples and tries to alleviate them with his empathy and even his compassion.

No wonder
When a teacher takes the trouble to teach his students, the student also gives love and respect to the teacher. An ideal teacher is regular and punctual. Emmanuel Kant, a German teacher, is said to have mixed his watch with his diary.

The ideal teacher knows this
That if he arrives even a minute late, the nation will lose as many minutes as the students are under him. Because students are subject. “Time is money,” this saying is always present in his brain.

An ideal teacher is always just
And is fair. In his eyes all students are equal. For students, a teacher is like a father. If a teacher takes the side of a student because of his wealth and social status then he fails in his duty.

An ideal teacher to your students, Whether he is Krishna or Sudama, gives equal space. An ideal teacher is normal even in his habits. He does not have time for the splendor and splendor of life, because it is an ornament of an empty mind.

If he has extra money
So instead of extravagant and decorative items he would spend it on books and magazines. Having said so much about an ideal teacher, it cannot be denied that the ideal teacher is a rare deity and all ideals are unavailable. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.