Essay on Inflation | mahangai per essay

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Essay on Inflation | mahangai per essay

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Essay on Inflation | mahangai per essay


Essay on Inflation | mahangai per essay

Hello friends, today we Essay on Inflation
You will know essays on this subject. All the people of our country are very much disturbed by the rising inflation. In the stormy period of inflation, the prices of things have started skyrocketing. Lower and middle class people are facing great plight. Even the biggest headache of the government of the country is how to curb the ever rising prices of essential commodities.

The people of the country before independence
Had big high-pitched fantasies. People used to think that as soon as Swarajya was achieved, the atmosphere of poverty and deprivation would be removed from the country. Prosperity and prosperity will be visible all around. But more than fifty years have passed since independence but inflation is still rising.

Today, due to inflation, people own Not even meeting the essential requirements. Due to this, moral values ​​like truthfulness, honesty, conscientiousness etc. are declining very fast. The monster of corruption is spreading its mouth to swallow the whole country. The problem of bread, clothes and houses is getting worse and worse. All this is a side effect of inflation.

The root cause of rising inflation is the country The ever-growing population of. Our country has had a population explosion. The number of newborns in the population of this country is equal to the population of Australia every year. This horrendous increase in population thwarts all our plans to curb inflation.

Immediately after the country got independence, we had to get involved in the war with Pakistan over the Kashmir issue. In 1962, China invaded our country. This has hit our economy hard. After that we had to fight again with Pakistan in 1965 and 1972.

In the year 2000, we had Kargil in Kashmir
The region had to fight again with Pakistan. As a result of these wars, the country’s defense spending continued to rise. A large part of the total income of the country was spent on defense. As a result, inflation has been steadily rising.

When we got independence in 1947, So the country was very backward in terms of agriculture and industry. To develop these areas for the progress and development of the country, many development schemes had to be started for the fulfillment of this objective. It took a lot of money to realize these. This is also the reason for rising inflation, there are other reasons for rising inflation.

The impractical policies of our government,
The red tape of government offices and the selfishness of unscrupulous traders and hoarders. Unlimited expenditure is made on the salaries, pensions etc. of the army of government employees.

The percentage of your profit on merchant goods They are increasing and the hoarders are creating fake shortage of things for their profit. Due to these reasons the problem of inflation becomes complicated. One of the reasons for rising inflation is the collection of donations by political parties during elections.

A political party would be in power
Only by increasing the prices of commodities do traders start compensating the public for their money given in donations and the government often remains silent on such occasions. If inflation is to be stopped from rising, the country’s population growth must be controlled. We have to bring practicality in government policies.

Corruption in government offices must be eradicated.
Dishonest traders and hoarders must be disciplined by giving appropriate punishment. Moral values ​​must be respected in the society. Indiscriminate expenditure on elections must be stopped. As long as the monster in the form of inflation is not subdued by these measures, the people who are disturbed by skyrocketing inflation will continue to chant – ‘Inflation! You didn’t die, friends, tell me how you felt about this essay by commenting.