Essay on my friend Maza mitra essay in english

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Essay on my friend Maza mitra essay in english

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Essay on my friend Maza mitra essay in english


Essay on my friend Maza mitra essay in english

Hello friends, today you are my friend We will look at Marathi essays. Ashok and my friendship is a surprise to many. Ashok is 10th, but he is studying in a night school in Marathi medium. During the day he works in a printing press. His nature is so sweet that I easily became friends with him.

By coincidence of Ashok and me Was introduced. Ashok and I were studying in 8th standard. A book written by my father was being printed in the printing press where Ashok works. Ashok had come to our house with the ‘final proof’ of that book.

So I studied science Was doing. Seeing the figure in the book, Ashok asked me a question. I answered him. From that occasion, Ashok became one of our family. He had no parents. Ashok was living with his uncle.

Being very fond of education He was going to night school. But he could not afford to buy books. He used to explain the difficulties in studies to my mother. In return, he used to do his mother’s chores.

Ashok has a holiday on Sunday. Then he comes to us in the afternoon. After the study we play or go for a walk. Ashok taught me to ride a bicycle and also to swim. This is my true friend with a big heart. Friends, you can also tell by commenting how you felt about this essay. Thanks

[शब्दार्थ : योगायोगाने- by chance, accidently. संठोगशात. संयोग से। बदल्यात – in return. असामा. बदले में।]