Essay on my great India Mera Bharat Mahan Essay in Hindi

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Essay on my great India Mera Bharat Mahan Essay in Hindi

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Essay on my great India Mera Bharat Mahan Essay in Hindi


Essay on my great India Mera Bharat Mahan Essay in Hindi

Hello friends, today we are my great India
Learn essays on the subject. Today, if we draw conclusions from the perspective of not only our country but also the world from a humanitarian point of view, we will find that in spite of the greatest achievements and successes of science and technology, the earth is gradually becoming uninhabitable for human beings. Has been.

Today the distance is reduced geographically But there is a big difference between man and man. One has nothing to do with one’s welfare because of one’s vested interests, of which business, commercial and political interests are paramount.

With the development of civilization which is based on human values
Cooperation and brotherhood should have been replaced by competition and consumerism. Given the frantic violence that pervades the world today, it seems that the cataclysm that has been spoken of in all religions is not just a matter of imagination.

What to do in such a case? Historian Arnold Tynbee has said that the only way to avoid the destruction of civilization is Indian thinking. They are in the principles of Indian thinking Related to emotions and attitudes By adopting which mankind can avert its crisis.

In the nuclear age of self-destruction That is the only way to escape. In order to explain what is Indian thinking or method, we would like to say in essence that everyone should get bread, cloth and house, everyone should be treated equally, Harmony and cooperation with To be able to live, everyone can feel safe, respected and happy.

By the way, the world belongs to one family
These are simple and intuitive principles of making things the same, but today they are rejected as the flight of philosophical thinking and imagination. Many readers who read these lines will also avoid these things by saying that they are the product of philosophy, but this is not the case.

The British made the English cavalry
At the same time, some horses were sent to the king of Kashmir as a gift from the land route, then a philosopher jumped on the road and made a noise – “Satan has seen the way, not now.” Then people avoided him by calling him crazy.

A few days later, Kashmir fell to the British
Went into the hands. As the above illustration shows, we Indians as a whole are less conscious and more liberal. Being sensitive to values ​​in many pages of history, we easily tolerate unjust atrocities, intolerant behavior and injustice.

In this regard by Pakistan in Kashmir The example of our persistence in enduring terrorism is a vivid example of our tolerance, patience and endurance. Knowing and understanding everything and being endowed with power, they are going to endure it.

It is good that tolerance,
Non-violence, awareness of moral values ​​and equal vision towards all religions and beliefs should be adopted. Duty is higher than emotion. What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there?

In the same way, if the ideas are advanced If the action is degraded then everything is useless. That is why our ancient was more advanced than it is today. India was then more powerful than modern India with nuclear weapons. Today, if there are brutal and inhumane crimes in broad daylight, then they are considered as ordinary things.

Those who do not follow the law are rewarded
And despised law-abiding. In the depths of the mind we are familiar with all things but cannot say. In the absence of his own personality, the villain has become a red and blue light to prove his worthiness. The light goes out and the man connected to it collapses.

When the blue light of Ravana from the arrow of Sri Rama When Amrit Kund dried up, it immediately collapsed. Today we have created a system which is operating fraudulently and manipulatively in the name of leadership. It is based on distrust and is tainted with vested interests. We say- ‘Satya mev jayate ‘- but not today Truth seems to win. What to do in such a situation? Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.