Essay on Nanotechnology Essay on Nanotechnology in Hindi

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Essay on Nanotechnology Essay on Nanotechnology in Hindi

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Essay on Nanotechnology Essay on Nanotechnology in Hindi


Essay on Nanotechnology Essay on Nanotechnology in Hindi

Hello friends, today we have nanotechnology You will know essays on this subject. Technology today is not only the focus of development debate but it is also closely linked to all aspects of the life of the common man.

The undisputed form of the twentieth century From the so-called technology century. In this century, research continued to the level of molecules and atoms. As a result, a new field of science was developed which came to be called the field of nanotechnology.

The relationship between nanotechnology is very strong From scientific works at the level. This branch of science has a very small unit of measurement called length nanometer. One billionth of a nanometer is called.

Which is about one atom of hydrogen Is about 10 times the size and equal to the size of one molecule. Nanoscience is practically used in medicine, nanotechnology, physics, computer science, information technology etc.

Nano literally means dwarf.
A single unit such as 1 meter or. One billionth of a second or 1 gram is called a nanometer. Therefore, under nanotechnology and science, work is done at molecular level or nano scale.

Nano meters = 1×10 meters plus
Radius of hydrogen atom = 0.1 nanometers, DNA molecule radius = 2.5 nanometers, size of present day micro micro electronic devices is 150 nanometers. One human particle (RBC) has a radius of 800 nanometers.

Hence a single atom in nanotechnology
By studying and modifying it, extremely subtle devices with extraordinary nano-sized properties are developed. The field of nanotechnology has now become quite wide. It has many uses in the field of medicine and health.

Cancer, AIDS, diabetes and many other diseases Is diagnosed by Dirson in Bio. The development of which can be possible only on the basis of nanotechnology. Nowadays this technology is used to deliver medicines to a particular organ inside the human body.

This technology is called ‘sensor’.
The same technology is also used in the manufacture of refined materials used in human implants. In future it will also be used for early detection and treatment of diseases.

The vastness of nanotechnology in the field of medicine
Chances are. Nanotubes are used to deliver medicine to a particular organ of the body easily and in the right quantity.

Today no area is untouched by computer.
The computer made even the impossible possible by the human brain. Yet the computer is in its infancy. Computers with special types of processors and memory devices can be made using the physical and chemical devices of nanotechnology.

The development of molecular computers is also a part of this technology
Is possible on the development of. This type of computer will have to use a completely different type of molecular switches from the computers currently in use. It is not that nanotechnology is not being used in computers at present.

Hard disk read of computers/ Right TAD systems use nano-sized devices. In addition, hard disks up to 100 gigabytes will be created in the next 10 years based on nanotechnology. If someone is told that self-cleaning windows will be available.

Blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays
The ointment will be prepared so that clothes will be made which will get hot in winter and cool automatically in summer. The uniforms worn by the soldiers will change color automatically according to the place and cover, so no one will believe.

But all this is possible with nanoscience Is about to happen. The future of next generation calculation method-nano-calculation technologies now lies in nanotechnology. Yet there are five areas in which its inevitability cannot be denied.

(1) Nanoparticle-carbon nanotube normal
Are more attractive and convenient than graphite. Because of their uniformity, stability, elasticity, more surface area and more weight. Carbon nanotubes will be used in transistors and cellular phones etc.

Biocomputing – The emergence of biocomputing
The combination of information technology and biotechnology led to the creation of natural principles of natural life sciences. For this, the scientists are trying to collect the information stored in the center and in the mitochondria as complete genetic information.

This stores the code language in the nucleus Life secrets can be read. (3) Molecular computational researchers have developed an electronic switch called Rotamjay, which is a layer of millions of molecules of biological matter. It will be used in molecular calculations.

(4) Optical calculations – optical computers The electrons in are replaced by photons. Therefore it is possible to create very closely connected nano structures. This will help to make switches 1,000 times faster than small and silicon transistors like transistors.

Quantum Calculations – Information on the use of quantum calculations In the development of new technologies and systems for processing, the specific aspect in quantum theory is used in quantum.

Of the singular properties of quantum mechanical operation
By using data in quantum state of matter or light data can be filled in code language which can be used with unpredictable velocity and capacity.

W.Rum intensive storage – using nanotechnology
11 trillion bits can be stored in 1 square inch; That is 25 times more than today’s hard disk, in common parlance it means that 300 CDs each containing 700MB The figures are as large as the surface of a match.

DNA ink writing nano
Pattern – A typical chip still in use has 100,000 different spots of DNA and each sphere has a diameter of 20-40 micrometers. One of the traditional gene chips using state-of-the-art diprene nano lithography 100,000 in as much space as spots DNA spots can be prepared.

The advantage is that the future In less than a needle’s tip, it will help to create a gene chip with 100,000 different diagonal probes, making it possible to create a gene chip in a matter of seconds.

Breaking through nanotechnology
Preservation of Falling Murals – Italian chemists have discovered that old murals can be saved from being renewable by scattering gram particles smaller than 1 millionth of a millimeter.

Very much in this technique Soft extinguished lime is used to reattach broken pento. It is used in alcohol as a crystal suspension of very small calcium hydroxide.

Calcium carbonate already present in paint
Absorbs water and carbon dioxide particles and the alcohol evaporates. It doesn’t look like anything has been planted separately.

In addition to the above experiments nanotechnology
Is likely to be used in many more areas. It will be easier to make items based on this technology that are light, strong, durable to the requirements and not too expensive in terms of environment.

Nowadays such industrial and agricultural Emphasis is being laid on the development of species which are environmentally sustainable. So nowadays in industries all over the world, biotechnology is being adopted instead of techniques based on chemistry.

Most of these tips Used in the field of silk production and fisheries. These devices are called nano biology. Under this it is possible to develop devices in which all systems will be automated;

Medications such as the patient’s body needs As the weight will adapt itself according to its digestive system. Such tips will prove to be very beneficial in increasing agricultural yield. In conclusion, it can be said that the development of science in the future is possible only on nanotechnology.

Environment, Measurement, Robotics etc.
There are areas that have immense potential for use. Nanotechnology can be of great help in understanding science problems correctly and in solving them. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.