Essay on Noise Pollution | sound pollution in english essay

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Essay on Noise Pollution | sound pollution in english essay

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Essay on Noise Pollution | sound pollution in english essay


Essay on Noise Pollution | sound pollution in english essay

Hello friends, today we Essay on Noise Pollution
You will know essays on this subject. In the present age we are breathing in an environment of pollution. Land, water and sky, pollution is everywhere. All the developed and developing countries of the world are getting distressed due to pollution. Constantly increasing pollution has become a threat to the survival of mankind.

There are four major types of pollution: Water pollution, air pollution, land pollution and noise pollution. When the sound becomes extremely intense and unbearable, we call it ‘noise pollution’. The intensity of sound is measured in units called decibels. Normally our hearing can tolerate sound up to 70 decibels.

Normal-sounding radio Or the sound of the vision would be 70 decibels or less. Sound of 80 decibels or more becomes unbearable to our ears. Surveys conducted in metros show that the intensity of sound in them is usually up to 90 decibels.

There are many sources of noise pollution.
Noise pollution is caused by loud radio and television. Nowadays the number of automobile vehicles is constantly increasing. These include scooters, autorickshaws, motorcars, freight trucks etc. The noise caused by these causes a lot of noise pollution. Loudspeakers played loudly at festivals, celebrations and special occasions and the sound of firecrackers being fired also increase noise pollution.

Whistles of railway locomotives and jets and other types Noise from giant airplanes increases the amount of noise pollution. Home appliances like mixers, grinders, washing machines, quarrelsome neighbors, noisy children etc. also increase the intensity of noise pollution.

Noise pollution has terrible consequences. It has a profound effect on human brain and physical health. Increasing the intensity of noise pollution can lead to permanent deafness. The person is not able to focus on any subject and his efficiency decreases. The vascular system begins to experience tension and the heart rate increases. Blood pressure rises, causing headaches and restlessness.

Digestion is impaired and the brain, It has a good effect on the liver and heart. Peace of mind is disturbed and sleep does not come properly. The condition of the patients gets worse. Thus the monster in the form of noise pollution destroys our lives.

Complete prevention of noise pollution in the modern age Impossible, yet measures can be taken to reduce it. Law should be made regarding sound amplifiers to be used in public places only during day time and even then the intensity of sound should be limited. Family members should be told to keep the sound of radio, television etc. normal so that the neighbors do not get hurt. Home appliances should be fitted with sound absorbing materials.

Around settlements and along roadsides Should plant trees. Sound limits for vehicles like scooters, motorcars etc. should be determined. Areas around residential settlements, schools and hospitals should be made sound-restricted.

Noise pollution to people with the help of media And information about the losses caused by it. With these measures noise pollution can be controlled to a large extent. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.