Essay on Rail Accident | Essay on Train Accident in Hindi

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Essay on Rail Accident | Essay on Train Accident in Hindi

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Essay on Rail Accident | Essay on Train Accident in Hindi


Essay on Rail Accident | Essay on Train Accident in Hindi

Hello friends, today we Essay on train accident
You will know essays on this subject. Role-Man has to go to different places to fulfill his different needs. There are many ways to complete these journeys. In ancient times, human beings used to travel in animal-drawn vehicles and sometimes also on foot. In the present age, many scientific means of travel and transportation have become. Motors, buses, ships, airplanes, bicycles and trains etc. With the help of this man manages to make long journeys comfortably in a short time.

Transportation by rail is also easily done in a short time. The possibility of danger in rail travel is also considered less. Traveling while sitting comfortably on the seats of the train car, talking and reading a book or playing cards is really full of pleasure. Although railways are extremely beneficial for us, sometimes they also cause terrible losses. The train accident is one of such losses. Extremely tragic scenes are created in a train accident.

Sequence of Rail Travel: In order to travel by rail, passengers are required to obtain a ticket by paying a reasonable fare before reaching the station. After that he becomes the legal authority to travel in a car. Nowadays people’s life has become busy. The work of coming and going has become very much. Thousands of buses, very long trains and other rides are being used, yet there is no such thing as congestion in the trains every day!

Seeing the huge crowds and push-pulls in front of the ticket office at the big stations, it seems that three-fourths of the people in the world keep on traveling. After waiting in line for hours, with great difficulty, it is the turn to somehow reach the window through the crowd and get a ticket. When you take a ticket and go out of the crowd, sometimes your clothes get torn and your toes get crushed.

When the car arrives, it is as if more people break on the platform than at any fair. As soon as the car arrives, the crowd enters the compartment and leaves. But who knows that this group of passengers who ride with this enthusiasm, sometimes get into a very accident and become extremely compassionate and helpless. There was a train accident at Dumrao station recently.

The start of the journey – the crowd at Lucknow station was not less that day. The mail train was bouncing pebbles on the line with its speed-generated wind at the speed of storm speed. The car was often full, people were running here and there, trying to sit and fight in some compartment. Who knows how many of those who are so eagerly sitting in the car are sitting for the ticket to the afterlife, how many are sitting to be injured by the fate of their family members and how many are traveling to become permanently disabled.

The time and place of the train accident, the train was running, the engine was running at the famous speed of Punjab Mail. The train was leaving the station and passing through the stations of the district for minutes. He was to reach Imrao station at 12 midnight according to the time. The train was running just in time.

The cause of the train accident – the lineman went to change the line. He accidentally took the vehicle on a line on which the freight train was already parked coming from the other direction. When the engine turned, the driver saw the freight train parked at a distance with surprise. His mail train was also running on this line. As he approached, he slowed down.

But who can avoid what is written in Honi. Both the engines collided with each other. As a result, the car collided violently. More than half of his compartments jumped off the line and fell a short distance away. Then the plight of most of the passengers in those coaches became such that the situation cannot even be described.

Description of the situation – The two trains collided so violently that the four or five front compartments fell away and shattered and a pile of passengers gathered in it. Some of them passed away at the same time and even after searching for the components of their organs, it was not known. Some people had suffered such serious injuries that they were struggling for their last breath. There were some passengers who were sitting in their seats, yet their condition was very bad.

Someone had fallen at a distance of ten yards, someone was lying dead somewhere, someone’s limb was destroyed, someone’s body could be identified, then no one could be identified. Thousands of people were traveling in different types of vehicles in such a big car, how many of them were dead and how many were on the verge of death and how many were knocked unconscious due to fatal injuries. It was impossible to count them. It was certain that no one was hurt. A team of local doctors arrived immediately after the accident.

Post-incident treatment – all the staff started running. The bodies of the dead were separated. Those who were breathing were immediately treated and loaded in government ambulances and sent to the main railway hospital and those who were injured were then sent to the hospital then the bodies of the deceased were loaded in the vehicles and taken to the hospital.

These bodies were kept at a place in the hospital for examination. The police was guarding everyone’s belongings. Those who were slightly injured went to their respective places. There was first aid for all. This has been the general description of ordinary travelers. The plight of this terrible accident can be estimated by looking at those coaches.

Impact of the train accident – The condition of those coaches was such that the next five coaches were shattered. No part of them was left untouched. Tracks, rafters, gates, benches, etc. were all scattered here and there. The iron goods had become crooked. The condition of the engine was even worse. Their drivers and khalasis and porters were washed like cotton.

It was almost impossible to identify any of his limbs. People sitting and walking in the first class also had serious injuries. The guard’s head was also broken. The number of deaths in the people sitting in the back compartment was less but the number of injured cannot be counted. Newspapers that published the news, however, reported fewer deaths. Seeing this accident, all the people got a clear experience of destiny and power of God. In the same two children whose condition will be less than one year and also turned out to be a good one who was not hurt at all. This type of phenomenon is sometimes reduced.

Conclusion: This accident has proved how quickly the objects of convenience created by science destroy that it cannot even be estimated. There is also an impression of how much more beautiful the simple life of ancient times was. Every spectator was heard to say that there is grace of God and one’s own destiny according to which every person gets happiness and sorrow. If such a loss can be caused by a convenient vehicle like railway, then the scene of destruction of everything comes to the fore from the accident of airplane, vessel etc. This terrible accident shocks my heart. I think

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