Essay on rural life village life essay in english

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Essay on rural life village life essay in english

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Essay on rural life village life essay in english


Essay on rural life village life essay in english

Hello friends, today we Essay on rural life
You will know essays on this subject. India is a country of villages. There are more than six lakh villages in this vast country. More than seventy percent of the country’s population resides in villages. Therefore, the real picture of India is visible only in the villages. In the words of poet Sumitranandan Pant, Bharatmata is a villager. The country can make progress only by bringing prosperity in the life of the people of the village.

Earlier people believed that rural life was ideal There is life. The life of the people of the village lacks artificiality. The people there are naive and simple in nature. Lies, deception and fashion have no place in their lives. Expressing this notion, national poet Maithili Sharan Gupta had said- ‘Aha! What is rural life too! Why doesn’t everyone want it? ‘ But the present rural life of India seems to be the exact opposite of the above assumption.

Nowadays the wind of urban civilization has started blowing in the villages too.
Residents of villages are also becoming worshipers of fashion. The population of villages has also increased. In proportion to this increase there is no increase in natural resources or employment opportunities. As a result, there is an atmosphere of unemployment everywhere in the villages.

Arable land due to continuous increase in population The non-profit is being divided into plots. There are frequent fights and lawsuits among the villagers over the question of ownership of farms. Earlier all kinds of artisans lived in the villages. Now they are leaving the village and running towards the cities in the hope of earning income.

The present age is the age of scientific progress.
But most of the villages are still deprived of the welfare inventions of science. It has been more than fifty years since independence, but so far electricity has not reached many villages of the country. Most of the left drinking water is also not available in sufficient quantity.

In summer days when the water level of the crows is very low Goes away and rivers, ponds etc. start drying up, then the rural masses cry out for water. Villagers often fall prey to various diseases due to drinking drinking water. Diseases which are considered common in the cities, their proper treatment in the villages also becomes difficult, because even today there is a lack of good doctors and hospitals in the villages. The rural life of India is also very poor in terms of transport and means of transportation.

Thousands of villages lack paved roads.
Although education is now spreading rapidly in the villages, the atmosphere of superstition remains even today. Gram Panchayats have been set up to raise the standard of rural life, but through them corruption is spreading in many forms. Even in the villages, brides are burnt for dowry, riots and riots take place and men are consuming drugs recklessly. Seeing these defects prevailing in rural life, the poet Pantaji has said- ‘This is not a human world, this hell is unknown!

The government in its twenty point program The development of villages has been given priority. Many more programs have been started at the government level for the development of villages. Many charitable organizations are trying to raise the standard of living in rural areas. But the pace of development is very slow. If we want to develop rural life properly, then we all have to work together. Students will have to spend their holidays in villages.

Hygiene and health care measures to the villagers Have to tell Adult education and literacy campaign must be run. Cottage industries and small scale industries have to be developed in the villages. If the standard of living in rural areas rises and the residents of rural areas start earning a living in their own area, then their race towards cities will decrease. Let us all work together to make the rural life of India happy. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.