Essay on Science and Education Hindi | science and education essay in english

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Essay on Science and Education Hindi | science and education essay in english

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Essay on Science and Education Hindi | science and education essay in english


Essay on Science and Education Hindi | science and education essay in english

Today is the age of science. It seems impossible for human beings today to live without scientific inventions and means. Science has made a very important contribution in the field of education. By the way, education was being imparted for centuries and various subjects were being taught, but finding the basis of science has become a big miracle in the field of education today. Today, education and science have become complementary.

The systematic and systematic knowledge of a subject is called ‘science’. Under science, facts, events, their causes, rules, etc. are investigated. Information about a subject is obtained through systematic thinking, experiments and direct observation.

The main purpose of education is to understand the environment around us and to get information about the elements that work in it and the factors that bring about change. At the same time the purpose of education is to know about the process of these elements and factors. Scientific inventions have provided invaluable assistance in accomplishing these objectives.

Man could succeed in knowing the secrets of nature only when he did not get help from science. As the mysteries of nature were unveiled, the field of education expanded. All credit goes to science and scientific inventions. It was science that gave the printing press to man, with the help of which a very large number of pamphlets began to be printed and unprecedented progress was made in its dissemination.

Science itself provided man with telescopic instrument, by which he could see the planets, stars etc. traveling in space and increase his astronomical knowledge. Science invented the microscope, with the help of which humans could study germs and bacteria and increase their medical and health knowledge.

One of the major scientific inventions in the field of education is radio or tape recorder. Through these students can listen to the person sitting in any corner of the world. Knowledge of pure and correct pronunciation of foreign languages ​​can be imparted through radio. Radio dramas and metaphors can effectively present the past and present events and present situations to the students. Radio has also made significant contribution in the field of adult education.

The invention of film has brought a revolution in the world of education. The films show the geographical conditions of other countries and provide information about the way of life of the inhabitants of those countries. Historical events are presented to the students.

A variety of scientific experiments are shown and their complexities are explained. Different types of arts and techniques are taught. The projector is a useful tool just like the movie. With its help many complex things are explained by slides. The small size pictures, maps etc. are shown on the screen in very large size by the epidioscope and their details are explained. By these means a very large number of people can be educated simultaneously.

Doordarshan has also made an unprecedented contribution in the field of education. Like film, Doordarshan is both visual and audio. Its educational programs can be watched sitting at home. In addition, V. C. R. And important programs can also be watched as per your wish through cassettes.

Science has developed a scientific approach in teachers and students. Today, every event is being judged on the criterion of work-cause relationship. All subjects are being studied and taught in a scientific manner. With the invention of computer, there is a possibility of radical change in the field of education, because it can take the place of teacher. Through ‘Internet’, the student can solve his doubts by discussing with the subject matter expert sitting in any corner of the world. Friends, please tell us by commenting how you felt about this essay.