Essay on the contribution of students in nation building Rashtra Nirman Me Vidhyarthiyo Ka Yogdan Par Essay

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Essay on the contribution of students in nation building Rashtra Nirman Me Vidhyarthiyo Ka Yogdan Par Essay

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Essay on the contribution of students in nation building Rashtra Nirman Me Vidhyarthiyo Ka Yogdan Par Essay


Essay on the contribution of students in nation building Rashtra Nirman Me Vidhyarthiyo Ka Yogdan Par Essay

Hello friends, today we Essay on the contribution of students in nation building
You will know essays on this subject. All the elements of nature are endowed with power. The river retains its ability to break the banks with its intense velocity, so the ocean hides in itself the boundless power of churning all the water with its surging waves.

When the wind blows at high speed, it takes the form of prabhanjan and possesses infinite power to uproot even the mighty trees, so the sun is capable of burning even the green grove with its fierce fire rays. Man is also the son of nature, then why can he lack power? His student life is full of irresistible power.

This ferocity and indomitableness of the student state is literally a gift from nature to human beings. To stop or curb this tremendous power of the student body is to weigh the frog in the scales. This power is being given direction but it is not only impossible to curb it but it is equal to a streak of stone.

The importance of the student body in this field – the student is one of the great luminaries of the country. Even if one accepts the importance of this class subdued by arrogance, but it is true that all the revolutions that have taken place in this world till date have played their role in bringing those revolutions to their destination. Anyway, today’s student can be tomorrow’s leader. In the time to come, the burden of leadership of the country will be on his shoulders. Therefore, to dream of the progress of the country without keeping in mind the power of this class is to run like an imaginary horse.

Contribution of students in nation building – Today, even after 56 years of independence, the nature of our country is blocked. The student is playing a decisive role in shaping this progress; Such as contribution in the field of education – although illiteracy remains a great curse in the path of progress of our country. If our student class cooperates in this regard, it is certain that many problems of our country will end by itself.

Our student body should be disciplined and study solidly and systematically. Avoid the elements that mislead them and lead indiscipline into a deep forest of frustrated attitudes and despair and darken the future of the country as well. Apart from these, unprecedented cooperation is also required from the students in the field of adult education. Educate adults by visiting villages in leisure moments who unfortunately have not even seen the look of school and books.

The contribution of students in the social sphere – although today’s age is called the scientific age. Radio and television, newspapers and magazines make important contribution in making the country and society conscious. Yet Indian society is largely surrounded by a variety of cults and superstitions. Under the guise of dowry system, caste system, caste system, class distinction, death feast and religion prevailing in the society there, many kinds of misdeeds are hollowing out the foundation of the country.

If today’s student-class removes these evils and superstitions and builds a society free from exploitation and classless and provides assistance in nation-building. The decisive role in the political arena – there are some people who teach the students day and night to stay away from politics and keep on studying. Politics has become an important part of life today, to separate it from life is to see the imagination of a heartless person.

There are many corruptions hidden in the political arena in our country today – bribery, nepotism, chairism and change of party etc. are the following examples. The result of this is that the politics of our country has become so corrupt that any civilized person considers it a curse to talk about it.

Our student community can make a significant contribution if it wants to get rid of this whole state of political corruption and chaos. He can give a clean and constructive form to the politics of the country by bridging the gap between hidden words and deeds in the field of politics, but at the same time it is true that for this our students have to resort to peace, cooperation and organization. We have to bring cleanliness in this area. He has to prepare public opinion by being disciplined by student organizations. Otherwise, in a direct battle, the outbreak of contradictions can become a big threat to the country.

Contribution to the economic sector – Our country is still very backward in terms of economy. As a result, there is widespread poverty, hunger and unemployment in the country. In this context also, our students can play a very important role and lead this country to progress.

Our students should go to the rural areas and help in the work of upliftment of the villages to eradicate the poverty of the country. It has been observed that most of the rural people remain uneducated. If the students are introduced to new techniques of farming, new means, then the biggest problem of the country can be solved.

Our student body is fully acquainted with today’s science and scientific education. That the student is studying education only for the job by giving up the patriarchal profession.

Therefore, he can get rid of the rising unemployment by adopting his ancestral occupations which is the reason why the country is not progressing today. The meager savings are an important factor in the economic prosperity of any country. Our students should provide full support in the open accumulation scheme in colleges and schools.

The contribution of students in the cultural field – culture is an indicator of the progress of the country. A country that has no culture is almost a dead country. The culture of our country is slowly becoming extinct. Today we feel inferior even in calling ourselves Indians. Needless to say, today is a time of cultural transition.

Old values ​​are collapsing and new values ​​are not being formed. In this context, our student body should assume that every old thing is not worth giving up and new thing is not worth accepting. They should oppose only those values ​​which are a hindrance to the path of progress and help in establishing such values ​​which are progressive and fully capable of making the society prosperous.

Contribution to the defense of the country – When our country is moving on the path of progress, it is the ultimate duty of all of us to protect it. Our students can defend the country by carrying the burden of defending the country on their shoulders if they want. He can take the training of NCC in his student life and provide his full support in the defense of the country when the time comes in future. In addition, on the strength of scientific study, he can invent modern weapons and such devices which are important for the defense of the country.

Conclusion: The student body is an invaluable asset of the country. His power cannot be overlooked. The future history of the country is to fulfill this category and to fulfill all the responsibilities of the coming India. If this class becomes disciplined and abandons sentimentality and imagination and walks on realistic ground, then it can undoubtedly play its unique role in the re-creation of the country. Not only this, with proper guidance, this student class can build a country which today can only be called the India of dreams. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.