Essay on the importance of labor Essay on Importance of Labor In Hindi

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Essay on the importance of labor Essay on Importance of Labor In Hindi

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Essay on the importance of labor Essay on Importance of Labor In Hindi


Essay on the importance of labor Essay on Importance of Labor In Hindi

Essay 1

Hello friends, today we Essay on the importance of labor
You will know essays on this subject. A total of 2 essays are given in this article which you can read one by one. Labor is compulsory in every field of life. Life is synonymous with karma. Many qualities are required in human character building. The place of karma in human life is extremely important. Living without labor is a curse for man. In fact from birth no person is small or big.

The good and bad deeds of a person form the image of a human being. Every deed done with good spirit, done with sincerity is good. The reason for the terrible poverty and unemployment that exists in the country today is that today man is afraid to work. He wants maximum benefit from minimum labor, as stated in the Gita

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. The meaning of labor and its need – nothing happens in the world without doing. Doing karma is predominant in the world. The importance of labor in our country has been from time immemorial. Our ancestors accepted labor as worship. As a result, our country was rich and prosperous in ancient times.

Man is glorious only by his hard work. The physical and mental strength that God has given us is used only in hard work. Avoiding labor is an insult to God.

Labor for national upliftment and self-reliance and
Entrepreneurship is required. The inequality between rich and poor in today’s society is the result of lack of labor. If everyone works hard then the distinction between high and low will end and there will be no shortage of money and food anywhere. Mahatma Gandhi has said in one place

Man to fulfill his needs Labor is required. Where is the joy in eating your hard earned money, becoming a parasite? Types of labor – Labor cannot be tied to any definition. Labor is an important practical aspect of our lives. Labor means hard work. There are two types of labor- (1) physical labor and (2) mental labor. The labor that is done at the physical level, the work that requires the expenditure of physical strength, is physical labor.

Such as carpentry, blacksmith, stone breaking, burdens Lifting etc. are done on the strength of work force. The work in which mental power has to be invested, the work is done with the help of intellect, is called mental labor. Advocacy, medicine, study, contemplation come under mental labor. Doing any work requires both types of labor. The advancement of individual and society is possible only with the harmony of both.

The importance of labor in human life – the individual labor Understand the importance of, know its secret, they are the ones who achieve success. There is no object in the world which cannot be obtained, but to obtain it requires labor. The importance of labor is hidden in every sphere of life.

Mental satisfaction from labor-labor of human
Awesome guide. The human mind is naturally fickle. If it is not applied towards karma, then it becomes weak and feeble, due to which the progress of the nation and society is blocked. Has also been said

The loser of the mind is the loser, the winner of the mind is the winner.

Labor satisfies the mind.

When the mind is satisfied, then each of us The work will be self-evident. A person without labor, even though he is rich, gets lost and falls into the pit of despair.

Establishing the glory of karma – if in life
When both labor and karma are included then it becomes even more important. Labor is an important part of a worker’s life. As well as doing body labor, one should also think that the work in which he is doing labor, he

Whether the work is in the interest of the country or society. Therefore man should do physical labor wisely. In fact, all the changes that have taken place in the world have been made by hardworking, courageous men. Hardworking people are never afraid to work

Persevered when millions of troubles came on his path.

The success he got when he lived in the jug and went to the mind.

Self-reliant-working person never others But do not remain dependent. By working hard one becomes self reliant. Bread and clothing are the basic necessities of life. Man is required to work for the fulfillment of these needs. The poet Maithili Sharan Gupta said about Swavalamban

Kouber’s fund of Nauchavar at a glimpse of Swavalamban.

The world of language-building by labor
Every good deed is done by hardworking persons only, not by destiny seekers. God also helps the karmat people only, not those who sit hand in hand with the help of fate

If one engages in work with perseverance and determination So even destiny itself becomes favorable to him. The importance of labor in the upliftment of society and nation – Labor provides perfection and beauty to one’s personality. Labor builds character. If the people of the society become jobless then the nation will become jobless.

The citizens of the nation and the leaders of the country in labor
Believe me, the decline of that nation is impossible. Labor is an essential quality for any animal-society or nation, which brings that country and society to the climax of progress. Labor is so important that it cannot be repaid with money. Love and labor are closely related. A hardworking person will always look happy.

For him, labor is God. Labor is the axis of life.
It is through labor that man attains health-wealth. Labor is the secret of life. A person without labor cannot make his life successful. It does not exist even for the nation and society. There is a statement of a scholar about labor

If you are unclean and worldly If you want to avoid sins, do your work diligently and diligently, even if your job is to clean the stable. ‘ Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.

Essay 2

The word ‘labor’ means – hard work or toil.
There are two types of labor, mental and physical. When a writer writes articles, stories, poems, etc., he does mental labor. Studying by a student is also a form of mental labor. We work every moment of our lives. That is why the famous English writer Carlyle has said, ‘Labor is life’, that is, ‘Labor is life’. Here the word ‘labor’ by Carlyle means physical labor.

There is meaning in life only in doing labor.
The development of human civilization and culture is the result of his labor. Nevertheless, in our country India, those who do manual labor are considered insignificant. Teachers, bookkeepers, clerks etc. have more reputation than those who do manual labor.

People of so-called upper castes do manual labor Have a sense of neglect. They want to do something in which they have to work hard at least. They consider it an insult to work hard.

In fact, labor is the key to success.
We should experience pride and respect in doing labor. When we do our own work, we get many kinds of benefits. We get complacency. Our confidence grows. The quality of self-reliance develops within us and we begin to experience inner strength. Doing labor also keeps our health good.

Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc.
Physical labor is very beneficial for people suffering from Life without labor fills with despair and begins to seem burdensome. Waiting for others to do our work is a waste of time and we become paralyzed. A poet has said mocking such parasitic people

Shram se kabhi nahi dum phula, Come those who do not sweat, – cold, not hot, those who do not know what to live? There is also the social side of labor. There are many social functions that the government cannot do. They need the enthusiasm and cooperation of the public to do so.

Shramdana for doing such work Is required. By giving labor we can save our society and country. Doing Shramdana in such social work gives us experience of self-satisfaction.

If people have a healthy attitude towards labor
Adopt and do not feel hesitant to work hard, then the problem of unemployment can be solved in many parts. That is why the late Prime Minister of our country. Indira Gandhi had given the slogan- ‘There is no alternative to hard work.’

A person doing manual labor within himself
Experiences a new strength. This strength is of self reliance. On the strength of this strength man does not lose patience even in the most difficult of circumstances. The society or country in which the people who accept the importance of labor are predominant, that society or country becomes self-reliant and keeps making continuous progress. Japan and Israel are exemplary examples of such countries.

Seeing the splendor of the ancient artefacts of our country We are amazed. Compared to them, the artefacts of the present age seem to be of inferior quality. The main reason for this decline is our neglect of mental and physical labor.

By not doing physical labor our body is many
Becomes the home of all kinds of diseases. In such a situation our mental development also stops, because only a healthy body can have a healthy brain. (Sound mind in a sound body.)

We should not feel inferior in doing labor. We must always remember that ‘no caste can prosper unless it believes that plowing the fields has as much prestige as composing poetry.’ Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.