Essay on the importance of money essay on importance of money in english

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Essay on the importance of money essay on importance of money in english

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Essay on the importance of money essay on importance of money in english


Essay on the importance of money essay on importance of money in english

Hello friends, today we Essay on the importance of money You will know essays on this subject.

‘Baap bada na bhaiya, sabse bada rupee’ – you may have heard this saying many times. Many times you yourself have experienced its truth. There have been many occasions in your life when you have seen the lofty ideals of human beings kiss the ground in front of the rumble of money.

You may have also heard from your relatives or friends the true stories of the close and sacred relationship of human life being made or ruined in the glare of money. On such occasions you may have also spoken – the biggest rupee!

In Indian culture, the four virtues of human life are considered – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Among these, ‘meaning’ has been given second place. But in the modern age, ‘meaning’ has come to the fore. ‘Religion’ has now become completely dependent on ‘meaning’, because in the absence of ‘meaning’ it is impossible for any major religious work to be accomplished.

In our country, family life has been given great importance. We are always taught to have respect for parents, affection for siblings, loyal love for wife and welfare for children. But the formation or deterioration of all these sacred relations is subject to money.

If you are good at earning money, then your family life will be very sweet and loving. If you fail to make money, your family environment will become bitter and quarrelsome.

Due to the rupee, reports of lawsuits, beatings and sometimes even murders between brothers, fathers and sons, even between mother and son keep appearing in the newspapers. After reading them, it comes out of the mouth spontaneously – ‘Father big brother, the biggest rupee!’

Wealth is worshiped everywhere in the present age. Even high-ranking scholars are compelled to sell their scholarship on pieces of silver to meet the necessities of life. At times, the balance of justice of judges has been seen leaning towards Lakshmiputras due to the magnetic attraction of rupee.

The great philosopher, the benevolent writer, the Vitaragi sadhu-saint, the dutiful high official, all appear to be surrendering before the heart-rending chimes of money.

The secret of this infinite power of rupee is hidden in its purchasing power. Those who have ample reserves of rupees can buy everything. Even by committing immoral acts, they are clearly saved by showing the law against the force of money. Lakshmi also has another name ‘Shri’.

In ancient times, the combination of all the virtues of a person like beauty, strength, intellect, industriousness, masculinity etc. was called ‘Shri’. Humans of the present age have introduced ‘currency’ to facilitate exchange. Gradually, on the basis of money, beauty, strength, intellect, hard work, etc. began to be traded. As a result, immense power accumulated in money or rupee.

Many kinds of good deeds can be done on the strength of money. Rupees can be used to build hospitals for the treatment and service of patients. Schools can be set up to spread education. Industries can be started to eliminate unemployment.

Relief schemes can be run to help the people suffering from natural calamities like famine, flood, earthquake. But on the contrary, if money as well as stupidity comes, then a person can misuse money and disintegrate the whole social system in the blink of an eye.

Today the whole world is engrossed in the worship of money. There are many forms of money. Today all mankind is engaged in the worship of these various forms of money. Seeing this, it just comes out of the mouth – the biggest rupee! Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.