Essay on the misuse of science Essay on Science A Curse or Abuse of Science in Hindi

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Essay on the misuse of science Essay on Science A Curse or Abuse of Science in Hindi

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Essay on the misuse of science Essay on Science A Curse or Abuse of Science in Hindi


Essay on the misuse of science Essay on Science A Curse or Abuse of Science in Hindi

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It was morning. I had just gone out of the house to buy a newspaper when my neighbors saw me and shouted, “Science, you are doomed!”

I was very surprised. When he approached the neighbor and asked the reason for his uneasiness, the distinction was revealed. He used to work as an accountant in a firm. A few days ago, the owner of that firm had ordered a computer. This led to retrenchment of many employees.

My neighbors also lost their jobs. This was the reason for his annoyance over ‘science’. __ Waves of thoughts began to rise in my mind. Science means systematic and coherent knowledge of a subject. Science and scientific inventions have proved to be a boon for mankind.

To what extent is it appropriate to wish for the annihilation of the same science? When I thought more deeply, I came to the conclusion that science and scientific inventions are responsible for the present plight of mankind!

With the help of science, human beings have created many types of machines.

These have certainly increased the industrial production a lot, but these machines have snatched the bread out of the mouths of the workers. This has led to unemployment. Large numbers of people come to the city from villages to work in industrial centers and factories. This leads to the expansion of slums with slums.

In these settlements people live hellish lives while living in filth. Their moral and spiritual progress is far away, many kinds of crimes begin to flourish among them.

There is a terrible consequence of scientific progress, pollution and its constant increase. Chimneys of factories emit toxic gases and smoke. Abundant amounts of carbon monoxide gas are emitted from cars, cargo cars etc. Radioactive particles are constantly being propagated from the molecular centers. Due to all these reasons, pollution in the atmosphere is increasing rapidly. Chemicals from factories and city-metropolitan waste are dumped in rivers, lakes and oceans. This is polluting the water of these reservoirs. The noise of cars and trucks, the noise of airplanes, the roar of loudspeakers etc. produces unbearable noise pollution. As a result, people are becoming more irritable, quarrelsome, high blood pressure, etc. Radioactivity is increasing in the atmosphere due to nuclear tests. As a result, incurable diseases like skin diseases and cancer are increasing very fast.

Many kinds of machines have also made human life mechanical. Man has become a slave to machines. Her artistry and creative power is slowly waning. The desires and needs of the people are increasing due to the facilities provided by scientific inventions. People have become selfish, greedy and ruthless. These machines and other types of scientific inventions have given human beings leisure only leisure. He has started abusing this holiday for cheap entertainment. This is causing him both physical and mental damage.

Man has created fierce weapons with the help of science. After the atomic bomb, he has also made hydrogen bombs and cobalt bombs. The name of the neutron bomb was also heard during the Gulf War.

The great nations of the world have heaps of these devastating bombs. By their use all mankind can be incinerated. Some nations have built up reserves of many types of toxic gases. The threat of bacterial warfare is also increasing.

Science has put the whole world at the mouth of a volcano in the form of World War, the eruption of which can destroy the whole world. Seeing this destructive form of science, it suddenly comes out of the mouth – science, may you be annihilated.

It is true that scientific inventions are not harmful in themselves. But, selfish human beings have misused science a lot. This has made scientific inventions destructive. That is why the national poet ‘Dinkar’ has warned the wise but selfish human being

Beware, man! If science is the sword, then throw it away. You can’t play, take the sword in hand, the limb will bite, this edge is sharp! Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.