Essay on unforgettable event of life essay on unforgettable incident in my life in english

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Essay on unforgettable event of life essay on unforgettable incident in my life in english

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Essay on unforgettable event of life essay on unforgettable incident in my life in english


Essay on unforgettable event of life essay on unforgettable incident in my life in english

Hello friends, today we Essay on an unforgettable event of life
You will know essays on this subject. The role-man is reminded of important events. Sometimes in the life of every person there are events that affect our heart. Sometimes her form becomes so amusing that she can never be forgotten. An unforgettable picture of such events is formed in the brain. Whenever a person remembers them, he starts laughing.

Many incidents have happened in my life. Which has impressed me, but there is one such incident. Whenever I remember him, a tickling arises in my mind and my mind also becomes happy. That incident is of my student life. At that time I was an intermediate first year student. In that golden age we were all unaware of the harshness and reality of the friendly world. None of us had any idea where the future might take us. That incident was mainly related to my friends and me. ‘I wish the relationship would be permanent’.

Introducing the most entertaining event of my life – I was going to a procession with my friend Prakash Saxena. We were both spending the summer holidays at home, taking the Inter and High School exams at that time. We had to go to the house of a respected and wealthy Brahmin landlord in the countryside of Gorakhpur district. In preparation for the procession, the clothes were washed and brought from Gorakhpur. A servant and a steward were called and prepared to walk with another man.

In fact, our economic situation was modest, but respect was high. After getting ready, our team was going to leave at 4 in the evening. The elephant was arranged as it was not considered appropriate for so many all-round processionists to go on bicycles. Mahavat had promised to come in the evening, but he did not come even after waiting till 11 o’clock. In the beginning, there was a state of dissolution in the color and we felt sad. Yet carefree sleep came.

We were enjoying the sweet air of the East when at 3 o’clock in the morning there was a whisper of elephant coming at the door and standing next to my bed, the familiar mahout called ‘Korai’, Babuji, we have come, get ready quickly. We woke up in a strange mood. All the preparations were complete. At about 4 o’clock, the procession departed.

Leaving behind the heat of the day after a journey of 24 miles, we reached the right place at 5 pm. After bathing and refreshments, the procession started preparing for the first event. The speed of 5 elephants and 7 horses was checked. Horse racing continued for about an hour in the flat fields of long and wide wheat. Then there was a stampede and the elephant race started.

In an almost two-step race, our elephant took the lead. He also reached the gate of Barati first. At the same time we became so famous that it was as if the elephant was our own and it was considered our own, because the people there did not know the reality. There was some special discussion among the women. Work ended and our comrades arranged for others to stay. That shepherd and panda put a lot of color there and by making a good role, ended the meeting there. On our way there, a handsome 15 year old boy warmly welcomed us and arranged our food and drink. I was surprised to see that reception, what is the reason?

Where people don’t even want to set fire to the processions and they are getting respect here. Upon inquiry, it was found out that there were only three people in the house, the boy, his mother and his virgin cousin. Zamindari was good and had a head of 14 oxen. When the evening time became stable, we started discussing about the good fortune of the people, because that boy also went with us in the procession and stayed with us.

There was a procession of the countryside. There was laughter on both sides. When we came to exercise, I jokingly said to the boy, ‘I wish our relationship was permanent.’ This sentence was heard by his mother. He had stayed at his house knowing the complete introduction of us people. We came to know about this later. When the boy went home, his mother taught him something.

The boy brought sweets. Giving me sweets, he said, Saxena ji! This is the sweetness of perpetuating the relationship. The soul of the one who made this dessert is the mediator through it. At that time we enjoyed the humor and took the dessert from his pulsating hands and put it in his mouth. Those who witnessed this incident kept watching under the cover of the gate. After this, while enjoying the night, we went to the lap of Nidra Devi. Thus the heavenly bliss became vibhavari. The day came and he finished his busy pastime and left.

According to the time, the three of us friends were seated for food in the decorated square. There was a woman full of eternal beauty preparing and serving food. The boy was putting the plate in front. After that the three of us sat down to eat and started talking to Mataji. The one who had to establish a relationship with you gave sweets and with that also his heart. You even accepted it. My friend said, Mataji, speak clearly. Things come a little late in our friend’s intellect. By the way, they are considered to be the best students in Queen’s College. He replied, the thing is that your marriage will take place somewhere. Now neither you nor we will get such an opportunity.

The flow of events अंध darkness fell before my eyes. In this regard, he said more necessary things. I gave a short answer that I am not free ‘. A sigh came from inside which challenged masculinity. They had heard that the boy was refusing to marry. The meal order ended. Everyone went to get the juice of dance-song. My friend also laughed and left. But 4 of us stayed there. We talked a lot, but the matter remained uncertain. I told them I would leave in the morning. But I promised them full support.

Epilogue एक One year has passed. My dad arranged my marriage because he was worried about his illness. The same boy and his uncle were introducing my illiterate but aristocratic father as an unknown traveler on the night of the procession. Called me the day of Tilak. When he came home, the news of marriage became known. But it was a pity that I was not doing it even by promising to help those people.

But even without my help, the marriage went well. Dad was afraid to say anything so I kept quiet. There were various discussions going on here, but when Tilak’s day came, there was no place to be surprised to see that boy. Hugging him, I said that today the relationship became permanent. He answered only yes. This is the most entertaining event of life. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.