Essay on what would happen now Ab pachtaye hot kya in english essay

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Essay on what would happen now Ab pachtaye hot kya in english essay

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This article contains a detailed essay on “

Essay on what would happen now Ab pachtaye hot kya in english essay


Essay on what would happen now Ab pachtaye hot kya in english essay

Hello friends today we are now Essay on what you regret
You will know essays on this subject. Would have regretted now, when the birds devoured the field. This means that when you were young and had strength in your body, you did not love God. Now that old age has come and your body has become weak, you are regretting it.

Now regret is useless. It is useless to regret your laziness after the birds have taken over the farming. By the way, this proverb implies that it is useless to repent when the right opportunity is missed. The human mind is very fickle. It is difficult for him to stay focused on a single subject for a long time.

He does not pay special attention to the present and also misses out on opportunities for future anxiety. When the opportunity slips out of his hands, he shakes hands and begins to regret. But regretting the opportunity is futile. Man is careless by nature.

He keeps postponing today’s work till tomorrow. But procrastination does not complete the work. Yes, the pile of work grows and one day man gets crushed under the pile of work. Then he starts cursing and regretting for wasting time.

Therefore, you should do your work at the right time, so that you do not have to regret it. Goswami Tulsidasji has also given the same message

Trishit wari binu jo tanu tyaga, mue karai ka sudha tadaga.

When the rain dries up agriculture, it is time to regret it again.

Time is our most precious asset. But we do not have to spend anything for this. So we do not pay attention to its importance. The time that has passed cannot be regained in any way. So we should never waste time.

There is a saying in English – ‘Time and tide wait for none’. We must always remember the truth expressed in this saying and always make good use of time.

We must use our imagination and thinking power to make the best use of our time or to take advantage of opportunities. We must remember the events of the past. The current cycle of events should be looked at carefully. After this, one should guess which turn the events will take in the future.

Only by thinking like this will we be able to recognize the opportunities that come our way and make the best use of the time. This process of thinking is difficult, of course, but it is essential to follow it to achieve success in life. Otherwise the opportunity will be missed and we will continue to regret. Man’s greatest enemy is laziness.

Laziness is a disease of which the patient never recovers. We must always remember that human life is very short. We have a lot of work to do in this short life. We will be able to complete these tasks only if we make good use of our time.

Only by making good use of the opportunity that comes our way, we will be able to avoid useless worries, mental stress, humiliation etc. Therefore, we should always keep in mind the importance of time and cautiously take advantage of the opportunities that come our way by giving up laziness. Otherwise useless repentance will be in our hands. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.